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  1. I TAKE UMBRAGE AT THIS and am forwarding you my to-do list plus a three page essay on why people on twitter are in fact busier than people on message boards, the gist of which is: it takes less time to put together 140 characters than a forum post or blog entry or anything else on the internets.

    No offense intended to the Twitterites present. My counter-argument would be that because it takes less time to post on it people do it more often and therefore could end up spending more time overall. :P

    Anyway, I'm glad the Swiss did well and not totally surprised since Spain are among the great underachievers of this tournament. A couple of my friends are huge Spanish supporters, but I warned them that notwithstanding their FIFA ranking, Euro 2008 victory and impressive qualifying run, history is not on their side in the World Cup.

    Uruguay is up 1-0 at half time against South Africa. Hopefully that will change in the second forty-five, I'd like to see RSA get something from this.

  2. I'd say SNF could be an exception to the rule. As MC mentioned some of the songs were initially released on the album. Though it is a compilation it is, for all intents and purposes, mainly a Bee Gees album. Also, these songs were compiled for the more artistic purpose of supporting a movie (and it is a rare instance when those two mediums blend so successfully) rather than just to make some money throwing together a bunch of past hits. Greatest hits albums by definition should be consistently, well, great, but a great soundtrack is by no means a common occurance.

    Furthermore it was that influential at least in terms of bringing disco/dance music into the American mainstream in the late 70's and also being the definitive representation of said genre, time and place. (Though I would disagree with the generalization that it is representative of 70's music as a whole.)

    Personally I don't care for it (and probably wouldn't vote for it), but considering its significance, success and artistic achievement I think we could bend the rules this once.

  3. some people really have too much freetime

    Isn't that a requirement for people who use Twitter? :P

    I was happy Korea DPR did so well against Brazil holding them off for over half the game and at least they got a consolation goal. Maicon's goal for Brazil was pretty brilliant from that angle though.

  4. Not much of a game between Portugal and Ivory Coast (ended drawn at 0-0), but it was good to see Didier Drogba in there if only as a substitute.

    Hopefully Brazil will put on a better show against North Korea and the so-called Group of Death will live up to its name.

    However New Zealand did quite well to save a point in the eleventh hour of the eleventh hour against Slovakia.

  5. I'll be sure to vote tomorrow. I'm guessing the 8000+ people who voted to keep it probably already have some sort of vuvuzela (or other noise)-induced hearing loss and therefore don't find it irritating. :P

    Italy vs Paraguay 1-1

    Good result and could have been a Paraguay victory if not for that great corner from Pepe.

  6. Like I said though - the ref was in the right with the red card... Sliding tackle from behind equals an automatic red card

    True, but it looked like he realized, though at the last second, that he wasn't going to get the ball so he tried to pull back and didn't stick his legs out. It was ill-timed and unlucky, but the intent wasn't there.

    The noisemakers also really need to go, unless they manage to irritate the Netherlands and Denmark players enough to finally pick up the pace in this match. :sleepy: :P

  7. I'll be rooting for my beloved Three Lions, hopefully Rooney's fitness will not be an issue otherwise its a solid team unfortunately plagued by ridiculous pressure from people like me. :D

    Good on South Africa for getting a point, though there is still the likelihood that this could end up being one of the worst performances from a hosting nation.

    The draw wasn't really a huge surprise since Mexico doesn't have a terribly strong side aside from Vela, Gio and Marquez who haven't been playing all that well in their respective European clubs.

    One almost feels sorry for France, they'll never fully live down that disgrace.

  8. 1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)- Arcade Fire

    2. Higher Ground- Red Hot Chili Peppers

    3. Add it Up- Violent Femmes

    4. Let's Dance- David Bowie

    5. Isla de Encanta - Pixies

    6. I Can't Explain- The Who

    7. Little Wing- Jimi Hendrix

    8. Oh! Darling- The Beatles

    9. Sleep Now In The Fire- Rage Against the Machine

    10. Wild Thing- The Troggs

    I haven't listened to alot of those in awhile, excellent selections to choose from. :)

  9. In Your Eyes ~ Peter Gabriel (1986)

    Wow, I didn't realize this wasn't in yet. It probably ranks a tentative six on my list of favourite love songs ever.

    "Extreme Ways" - Moby (2002)

    "New Dawn Fades" - Joy Division (1979)

    A change of speed, a change of style.

    A change of scene, with no regrets,

    A chance to watch, admire the distance,

    Still occupied, though you forget.

    Different colours, different shades,

    Over each mistakes were made.

    I took the blame.

    Directionless so plain to see,

    A loaded gun won't set you free.

    So you say.

    (Basically a chance to plug Unknown Pleasures to be nominated in the greatest albums of the 70's thread. To quote AMG regarding this and the other nine songs:

    "...are stone-cold landmarks, the whole album a monument to passion, energy, and cathartic despair...All visceral, all emotional, all theatrical, all perfect — one of the best albums ever.)

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