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  1. Quite mixed results. On the one hand I'm very happy for the Netherlands but very disappointed about Ghana.

    Though they started out rather poorly conceding that early goal with slack defending, the Netherlands made an impressive comeback in the second half when a lesser team might have folded under the Brazilian attack. But they had some luck as well benefiting from some rare Brazilian defensive confusion and ultimately held strong while basic panic set in for their opponents. An upset certainly, but deservedly so. I would've like to see Van Persie do a little better, but Robben (in the second half), Sneijder and Kuyt more than made up for him, with the kind persistent, smart attacking they do so well together.

    As for the Uruguay/Ghana game, that was just painful to watch especially those last few minutes of extra time. That is not the way to win and not the way Ghana deserved to lose. But there's no use in arguing it now, they had their chances and didn't use them, though at this level, with that much pressure no blame can really be placed and I can do nothing but feel sorry for them. I too lost a degree of respect for Uruguay and Suarez in particular, but can Forlan take a free kick or what? :P

  2. awesome music, and awesome idea to compile a list just of Belgian music... almost makes me want to do the same for German music

    Agreed on both points...and why don't you? ;)

    I had a great time listening to this list, I only knew a couple beforehand but I've discovered plenty so, thanks. :thumbsup:

    1. My Heroics, pt 1 - Absynthe Minded

    2. Mad About You - Hooverphonic

    3. British Mode - Goose

    4. Estupendo - Arsenal

    5. Icon - Daan

    6. High On A Wire - The Blackbox Revelation

    7. Grootste Lul Van ‘t Stad - FlipKowlier

    8. Kamer In Amsterdam - De Mens

    9. Struggle For Pleasure - Wim Mertens

    10. Electric Soldiers - The Van Jets

    Honorable mentions:

    ça plane pour moi - Plastic Bertrand

    Free Haven - Ozark Henry

    Tryer - Motek

    Einstein Brain - Admiral Freebee

    Vive Ma liberté - Arno

    Kvraagetaan - Fixkes

    Your Shopping Lists Are Poetry - Mint

    Nah neh nah - Vaya con dios

  3. Holland is actually my second choice (well, first now). Led by a virtually unknown coach (Bert van Marwijk) they were flawless in qualifying and their obviously in excellent form in the finals winning all group stage games and beating Slovakia today.

    They have a very strong defense, stable goal-keeper in Stekelenburg (though not quite my beloved Edwin van der Sar) :D and some world-class strikers. Having Arjen Robben back in the lineup alongside van Persie, Sneijder and Kuyt in the midfield and forward roles should make it a fairly even match-up against Brazil, that is if play the kind of fluid, dominant, "team" style they're known for. Or they might just fall apart like in every other World Cup they've participated in. :P (Let's hope not though, they're seriously due.)

  4. Gernerally, I agree. Though Fabio Capello will likely recieve most of the flak, it was essentially the underachievement of the players individually that did the most damage. I'll always remain sympathetic and daftly loyal to Rooney, but like I mentioned before I have no reservations in placing heaps of blame on the defenders particularly Terry. Oddly enough I can't find much fault with David James' performance, plenty others failed before he did.

    Argentina looks pretty comfortable at 3-1 with about 20 min left. Good luck Germany. :D

  5. Well, I'm disappointed, but realistically we never had much of a chance judging from our performance in group stage. We're just not strong enough, particularly when it comes to defending. But no matter what I still love em'. Go Rooney! :D

    Not to take anything away from Germany, they deserved this win. But it's kind of ironic: their dominance and efficiency remind of top-form Chelsea even though a good chunk of England's team is composed of Chelsea players. This was supposed to be my consolation for them taking the Premiership this year. :P

  6. Normally I try not to be a crazed, obsessed, referee-questioning fan, but on this particular occasion I choose to wave that restraint and say

    What on God's green earth was that official looking at? I know he was pretty far but THAT WAS A GOAL IF I EVER SAW ONE! I admit our defending has been atrocious, we've allowed oceans of room for Klose and Podolski and paid for it with the two goals, but WE DESERVED THAT TIE. UGH!! :mad:

  7. Some of the games that I expected to be exciting between the "heavyweights" were rather boring, the talent on both sides seemed to cancel each other out.

    On the other hand matches that on paper you think would've been dull were actually more entertaining and overall "better" football (e.g. Denmark vs Japan) at least from a viewer's perspective.

  8. 1. No More Heroes - The Stranglers

    2. Etude in E Major - Frederic Chopin

    3. Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

    4. She - Elvis Costello

    5. Long and Winding Road - The Beatles

    6. There Is a War - Leonard Cohen

    7. Moscow Nights - Vladimir Troshin

    8. Quel mal Y a t'il à ça? - Françoise Hardy

    9. Angelica - Scott Walker

    10. Back to Black - Amy Winehouse

    A very lovely list Edna. :)

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