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  1. I just sent Mitt Romney's campaign a check (like he needs it ), and I hope they cash it soon . Taking money from a Canadian with Japanese interests in mind ?!?! What's that about ?

    I will then forward the cashed check to the Obama campaign ... :D

    Do your part ! Maybe we can make Anderson Cooper's 'Ridiculist ' . Be sure to wear your SF's t-shirt if it pans out . :cool:

  2. In this thread you just add some tid-bit(s) that you've picked up on on life's path -interesting or not , but still knowledge , afterall.

    Lenin's brother was an anarchist ; not a socialist nor a communist, as they would have found them distasteful -too organized . Real anarchists acted in the paradox of acting solely alone -no friends , nor associates -get it ? He was caught by the Czarist police and hung . A young Lenin swore revenge on the system thereafter.

    Next time you hear some ass talking or wearing /spray painting anarchy, be sure to have a good chuckle -unless they are a loner and carrying a bomb. :D

  3. Ok ; lets make this short and sweet .

    I need a valentine today to pledge eternal love and all that crap to . Wife's on night duty so she has FAILED . Just leave your name and favorite Stone's song , and I'll get back to you ... maybe . I'm all into affairs /one night stands , and treating you like dirt tomorrow-or now - to get it over with , if you prefer . I also enjoy fishing -conceptually - and vicious wordplay.

    Oh, I also get banned a lot , so even if I think you may be hot ,I may not be able to respond because of the facist moderators who sit and pick toe-jam and look for my posts only -on Shawna's orders (even more so since she got engaged , poor guy ) ,I now think -or more likely TP's -but now I work at a university as well and wanna kill myself too sometimes , so touche madame .

    Also , Rahdhi loves my arse off , but I broke her heart way too many times , so ....well ...just so you should know .Carrol ...is too young for me , and I feel sorry for Bluesboy with the Altzheimers and all , so I'll let him be . Laurie is just a loon -keep my distance . Jenny is way too 'nice' , and Lizard cheats the Catholic church and I now suspect has a wicked crack habit , and Pinkstones and I would end up in a some kinda kinky Yankees murder-suicide. Crazy Don , cleverly and consistantly pretends I don't exist .Well done , Don . :coolio: (Yes ,I am Santa , since I sense you may be wondering -your wife/1st cousin is lying ! ) .

    RJ is a guy , so thats not gonna work , and Sammy is just a jerk . Phil and Joe like the 3 Stooges still -say no more ,and Rayz is into Manitoba's 'wild ' . ;) Carl is a dictator , and so are all the people from California , so they are out . Fin is just too flat out wishy -washy .Rocky is a power -mad usurper who would take a commish job faster than your whore of a sister . I respect that though , as he too loves the power to potentially expel 'undesirables ' from any sports league he is running . :thumbsup:

    Farin is ...well ... German , and my dad told me 'never to trust those guys again ' , and Steel is ...well ..just too damn far away and would likely put me in tears with a verse -so F**k him . :D

    Just why CanAM was seen whistling 'I will always Love you ' outside the Beverly Hilton early Sunday morning is between him and the guy who he claims he was waiting to open his doughnut shop. The Packers cant win every year , and he will likely die in a puddle of Alberta tar quicksand .

    Mr. President ...Mr. Obama , sir ..er ..ok Barak ( though why he goes by Calvert199 is anyones guess ) . A pleasure to see you here ,too . You will be re-elected , but the chicken guts say you will declare an emperorship and overthrow the constitution ,deport everyone back to 10 generations , and go mad witht the 'football ' .... :D Just sh*tting , ya . lol . You GO , girl ! :)

    Hmm , so whoever is left ....call me . Ken still around ? :)

    Edna ,honey , I think that just leaves you ... :D

    Thank you for your attention ,


  4. Top Ten Reasons Mondays Suck

    10. The leftover pizza from Saturday night is now dry and crusty.

    9. Back to work (although I'm thankful I can)

    8. My weekend hangover still hasn't gone away

    7. Ashton Kutcher is on tonight.

    6. There won't be any Monday Night Football for 6 months

    5. Because Tuesday ain't exactly a bright horizon either.

    4. Cause when it's Monday here ,it' Sunday there still , and Blues won't post my bail on the Sabbath .




  5. Elvish banned me again for my 'annual' birthday ban , and then forgot about me ,I think ... ;) :laughing:

    Actually ,we had a 'little disturbance ' in country here last year that may have made a headline or two there in between MJ's death, the Arab Spring, and those fascinating Republican debates, but it did create some interest here in Japan -such as seeing who or what glowed in the dark , etc . Then , as a bit of a diversion ,I got sucked into another one of those stupid MMOGs -that require nearly every minute of your online life . Just say NO , kids ...thats my advice . :laughing: :couch:

  6. Continuing Super Bowl analysis, stories and non-stories on the web when anyone with eyes and a sense of sportsmanship already knows it was a pretty...pretty ,pretty darn good game and should have let it go at that . It's as annoying as still hearing Christmas music on the 27th , 28th , etc .

    ex. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/bradying-sweeping-nation-next-48-hours-204736897.html

  7. Top Ten "Reality" Shows That Might Pop Up This Year

    10. The Real Crack-Whores of Atlanta

    9. America's Last Biggest Loser Comic Standing's Got Talent To Be On The Marriage Ref

    8. Cannibal Tenement

    7. America's Most Repugnant Republican Candidate

    6. Sharia Law in Philly






  8. The team to watch out for?....Atlanta - they're loaded, and they're hot!

    Week 1 winners - Bengals, Steelers, Saints, Falcons

    At least the Dolphins did one good thing this year...they knocked the Jets right out of the Playoffs. Cool. Jets suck!

    :afro: :afro: :afro: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Hope you didn't have too much laid out on this week's picks ,Sammy ... ;) :laughing:

    Just glad Pittsburg went down as they are the default Super Bowl winners every year that the teams that are supposed to win do not .

  9. Top Ten Signs You Are No Longer Liked By Your In-Laws

    10. Your dog's invited to Thanksgiving dinner, but you're not.

    9. The In-Laws suggest your children's slower mental growth is associated with your side of the family.

    8. When they send a holiday gift, they leave your name off the mailing label.

    7. Your wife's father says, "I wish we had a boy instead."

    6. That dead fish on your door step.

    5. At dinner, everyone but you gets a knife.

    4. They periodically send your spouse a condolence card 'just in case '.




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