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  1. Pink+Floyd+-+The+Early+Singles.jpg

    For those fellow Pink Floyd fans, "The Early Singles" contains most, if not all, of the band's earliest content, never previously released on studio records. It was part of a multi-album compilation called "Shine On," but I've found deals on eBay and Amazon, where I can buy it without buying the entire "Shine On" collection.

    The question is, does anyone know where else I can get this separately? I've found one for $28 on Amazon, but I just want to know if any of you can recommend something.

  2. I suppose I'll introduce myself.

    I'm Harry, and I suppose "Sheep" will suffice if you don't wish to say my full username :P . As you can see, I'm a major Pink Floyd fan, but I love other types of classic rock and metal. I'm not really into modern rock, but I'm always willing to try it out. I used to have a YouTube account, "CalculateInBinary001," and I have a MySpace account (message me for that). Anyways, hello to all, and I hope to have a good time here.

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