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  1. Yea...Paul was quite eloquent with making a thing of beauty out of nothing...the lyrics sure fit the bill

    I always asumed that it was tied to Orwell's novel, '1984', a year all were a bit leary of...sort of a "i wonder who's gonna be left after the end of the world, and what can we do together" kinda feeling...

    "On No One Left Alive In 1985, Will Ever Do"

    ...left alive? after what?

    Orwell was right



    well....maybe anyways

    it's still a great song...agreed

  2. I fully agree that a $100 Steely Dan concert would is well worth the price...but the bulk of concerts I attended (at least 200 between 1974 & 1982, almost all featuring at least three popular bands), most all shows were general admission with a ticket costing between $7 and $15...and no Steely Dan tours...they never had to pimp their albums, and the gigs were not lucrative enough to lure studio rats onto the road.

    Now, if one wishes to see a good tooth pickin', save your money and hang somewhere they serve corn on the cob :laughing:

    ...oh...reguarding Elvis...he's not racist...mistah Elvis...he dead :afro:

  3. sic v. ick

    sic...origional meaning: spelling incorrect

    sic...for purposes reguarding the above discussed "talent" programing : singing incorrect (as in mindless ego bellowing lacking soul in exchange for fabulous hair and a carefully chosen wardrobe)

    ick...a good exclamation of disgust, but it implies a sickening sight or aroma,so it does show promise as a legit dis, but 'ick' needs a good acronym to go up against the new and improved 'sic'

    sic wins by technical knockout

    welcome this season's new sic Mark VII

  4. They (The Beatles) fled performing live and retreated to the studio to record songs so intricate that they (at the time) could not be reproduced in a concert situation...and in realizing the limitations of the live performance, they were able to move upward in creativity. Of course, it had to fall apart...implied leadership left a lot of hard feelings and burned bridges.

    Even though they "broke up" during '69 and '70, other bands contiued playing what seemed to me to be "Beatles Music"...not any copywrite infringement, but a borrowing of their methods, chord changes, song structure in general kept bands like Electric Light Orchestra gigging for the next ten or fifteen years...they had to tour , though

    I think that Steely Dan is the only other band I can recall from that era that never toured in support of a new album...and yes, I'm aware that they tour now, but these days the price tends to start in the ballpark of $150 a pop....to the road, indeed

    Yes...The Beatles...famous for being famous....I just hate that the music is lost on so many.....same as it ever was...nothing new under the sun...sun...sun...here it comes

  5. Touche', Bitter Almonds...you show great restraint...a pint of Guiness for you

    No offence, loc4life , but one should never trust aliens bearing lazer beams...don't 'cha watch any movies?

    also, the name of the band is what? The Darkness? Hello?

    I know that the dark side is alluring, but there's a reason them cats wear makeup and spit sparks...they want you to settle for less while thinking it's more

    just say No to The Darkness.....or, whatever it is they're calling themselves these days

    and, if you happen to love the song/group/thing/whatever, good for you...not looking for an arguement...just having a bit of fun with it...c'mon....loosen up...you know it is a little funny

  6. Telegraph Road

    An accurate depiction of the rise and falling down of western civilization

    'Low Spark' adds enlightenment and is great

    But "Telegraph Road' stands as the accurate description of disillusionment with this, the new era of lowered expectations

    and the melodies are juuust perfect

    A masterpiece

    worth hearing over and over...like crimson and clover

  7. Moving on to better things?

    That means something must be left behind...as dead, as it were.

    The perscription?

    Seeing Things (for the first time)- by The Black Crowes

    Here are the lyrics...sing along, if you will

    Seeing Things - The Black Crowes

    I find it hard to shed a tear

    You brought it all on yourself my dear

    Wrong, yes I may be

    Dont leave a light on for me

    cause I aint comin home

    It hurts me baby to be alone

    Yes, it hurts me baby

    A hundred years will never ease

    Hearing things I wont believe

    I saw it with my own two eyes

    All the pain that I cant hide

    And this pain starts in my heart

    And this love tears us apart

    You wont find me bent down on my knees

    Aint bendin over backwards baby

    Not to please

    cause Im seeing things for the first time

    Im seeing things for the first time, oh yeah

    Im seeing things for the first time

    In my life, in my life

    I used to dream

    Of better days that never came

    Sorry aint nothin to me

    Im gone and thats the way it must be

    So please Ive done my time

    Lovin you is such a crime

    You wont fine me down on, on my knees

    Wont fine me over backwards baby

    Just to please

    cause Im seeing things for the first time

    Im seeing things for the first time

    Seeing things for the first time

    Oh Im seeing things for the first time

    Yeah, seeing things for the first time

    Im seeing things for the first time

    Yeah, Im seeing things for the first time

    In my life, in my life

  8. You really need to check an album called 'Chicago Transit Authority' (their first album)

    There's a six minute cut of Terry Kath on his guitar imitating a sports car going trough it's paces.

    Then comes their cover of 'I'm a Man' that rocks like you wouldn' believe...really, really energetic.

    On the second album, Chicago II, is where the record execs saw dollar sign, with "Colour My World' topping the list....but on the same album was a song called '25 or 6 to 4'...whose intro sounds suspiciously like Zep's 'Babe I'm Gonna Leave You'...both albums happened around the same little time there...must have been something in thw water.

    Terry Kath was THE MAN!!!

    In the late 60's, Jimi Hemdrix was quoted as calling Terry Kath,"the best guitar player in the world" after hearing them perform.

    Don't write it all off as syrup

    Try looking through the first five or six albums for some real weighty stuff...buried treasure, man...burried treasure

    ....but yeah...i could do without ever hearing 'Wishing You Were Here' and the like...strictly commercial

  9. Most folks seem to associate Ten Years After with "I'm going Home". While this is a cool song, it tends to hit a dull lull with the quieter "Have some fun tonight/Blue Suede Shoes" quiet part (for myself, anyways). For my money, I very much prefer their song "Woodchopper's Ball", an instrumental that scoots along reeeal nice like, without a lull of any sort. A long song, but every second sparks with life. A truly exciting song, go find "Woodchopper's Ball". Well worth the search.

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