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  1. Someone mentioned Stewart Copeland

    agreed...one of the very best

    "There's a Hole In My Life" (from their first album....listen closely......


  2. You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows...

    I'm the one who has to die when it's time for me to die...so let me live my life...the way I want to...

    I hear that train 'a comin', it's rollin round the bend..

    Have you seen junior's grades?

    Lines form on my face and hands, lindes form on the left and right

    Haw Haw Haw Haw ['Boogie Chillen' by John Lee Hooker]

    Let me take you down

    Good night sweetheart, well it's time to go

  3. "Happy Jack" by 'The Who'

    Hand down

    Keef really had the chance to show what it means to be a LEAD DRUMMER

    Also, the dynamics make it a great club song, if you have the drummer to pull it off, for those seeking fresh songs for a stale set list

  4. It was released the same year that 'Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show" sold out, shaved the raggedy beards and put on polyester disco garb, and make more money with that pale song than any of their earlier freak flag music combined, with the exception of 'Cover of the Rolling Stone'...'Freaker's Ball' never really hit top 40.

    That's cool, though

    I'd like a nice nest egg like the one 'Only Sixteen' surely netted before I retire, too!

  5. I'm still sticking with Steve Marriot...to me, he always sounds like he really means it

    He really defined a certain drawl/growl

    check out his one...from 1972, here's Steve with Humble pie (their first album with Peter Frampton in the line up)

    'Thirty Days In the Hole'- by Humble pie

    that's one sweet snarl, babies!

    Think Bon Scott might have heard this one?

    listen again and see, especially during the verses

    yeah, I know there are others...I just never felt the man got his proper respect (it was prolly hard to live down "Itchygoo Park""....hehehe

  6. The Beatles Today

    Guitars- Paul


    All keyboards-Paul

    Brass instruments-Paul

    All Vocals-Paul


    Drum correction overdubs-Paul

    or.....maybe they can record,"Look What They've Done to My Song,Ma"

    Just buy those old albums and listen to the music it....listen to it hard...listen to it easy

    In them, you may find life...

    It's really too bad they never could

    best , maybe, to just let it be

    "the dream is over" - John Lennon

  7. heck....try finding one that's not lifted

    Here's what Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple) had to say on the subject of becoming a good guitarist...

    GP-What advice would you give to a person who wanted to become a good rock guitarist?

    RB-I'd have a tendency to say "Get a good guitar, and get a good tutor book." Really the only way you can get good - unless you're a genius - is to copy. You'll never come up with your own gear, untill you've copied.

    That's the best thing. Just steal.

    here's a link to the intire Guitar Player interview


  8. I don't feel that The Ramones get the punk respect they deserve

    Go back to interviews with all of the British punk band, and you'll hear how greatly they were influenced by The Ramones first British tour.

    They lit that dry, dry fuse

  9. George Martin's score for The Beatles, 'A Day in the Life"

    His orchesteral arrangement is the very thing that makes that song so majestic (that upward building urgency of instruments that seems ((still)) to grow beyond capacity)

    Without Martin's help in composition, I'm afraid that The Beatles would have continued to sound like the British Every Brothers...that two part harmony pop diddy blueprint the boy's from Liverpool did so very well

    "Woke up...fell out of bed...dragged a comb across my head"

  10. "Coinkydink much?"

    I reckon so, Peaches

    I am a walking coinkydink

    Also, thanks ever so much for the proper spelling of the word "coinkydink"...the "i" looks much better than "ee"...call Websters...take your due credit for that one

    ...yeah....gotta love the cheese...in moderation (of course)...you know what happens with too much cheese...as below, so above

  11. Journey's video for 'Seperate Ways' leaps to mind.

    Every cliche' in the cheesey video book...macho posing in eye shadow...playing 'air' instruments...lotsa fist shaking...and a pretty girl, looking a little over-dressed for an industrial shipping dock...cheese, cheese, cheese

    It's (almost) a shame, cuz the song really ain't bad

    check it out, if'n you don't remember it

    any thoughts? am I over reacting?

    cheddar is better

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