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  1. AWESOME! Thank you so much! The funny thing is, someone else had supposed it was Forever Thursday on one of the yahoo answers page. When I wrote to Nabisco/Kraft for verification, I asked if it was by Melanie Horsnell of Forever Thursday and, well, you saw the response. Heh. Now, I'm wondering if that's the entirety of the song and, if not, where I can download the full thing. If anyone can find that, I'd be on top of the world! Ever so, Wyn
  2. I know! It's ridiculous! I told them so, in the reply that I wrote--that was none too nice, though politely worded. Exactly! I seem to recall mentioning--in my reply--how their "consumer service" was lacking, as they couldn't go to the effort of giving me any really helpful information. I doubt that would work, since I'm not even sure how I'd pose as someone from CLIO. If anyone else could do it convincingly, that'd be awesome. Hmm. Perhaps I can try contacting them to see if they did this particular commercial. It couldn't hurt, anyway! Thanks! Thanks, ev
  3. Thank you for all the responses! I'm checking into quite a few of these and already had some of the ones mentioned. Unfortunately, Big Rock Candy Mountain is actually a hobo ballad. The original version talks about 'cigarette trees,' 'streams of alcohol,' 'lake of gin' and a 'lake of whiskey.' -laugh- I love that song, actually--it's just not fitting for the soundtrack I'm compiling. Again, thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Ever so, Wyn
  4. Just so everyone knows... Kraft, apparently, is useless when it comes to aiding their consumers with their questions about their advertisements. Here's the response I eventually received: Hi Wyn, Thank you for visiting http://www.kraftfoods.com/. I appreciate your interest in our advertising. Ad development is a multi-step process. Our Marketing Managers select an advertising agency to actually create the advertisement. Our advertising agencies are chosen based on their capabilities and experience, as well as fitting the needs of our products and businesses. The ad agencies we
  5. I'm not really looking for music that could be considered mainstream pop, I suppose. I'm looking for things more along the lines of "I Enjoy Being a Girl" by Rodgers and Hammerstein or "Candy Kisses" by Amanda Perez. They're very cute and girly, but not necessarily what you'd hear on the radio.
  6. I'm looking for songs sung by girls, miamisammy. And, that's a pretty good one, Laurie. Not quite what I'm looking for, but it's a good song! I've always loved Cyndi Lauper.
  7. Oh, foo. I wrote to them, as you already know... But, I've gotten no response. Also, I'm not even sure if I got it to the right place. It was difficult to find a place that allowed me to email them. I ended up doing it through an online form thingie, so it could be just tossed aside, since it's not really a pertinent question. Also, I hope this song wasn't just written for the commercial--the commercial doesn't really have anything to do with the lyrics, either. Unfortunately, I've yet to find where someone's put up a video of the commercial, so I can't show that. Thanks, though!
  8. Ok... Third post in a row! There's this awesome song on the new Oreo Candy Bites commercial, but I have no idea who sings it or what it's called. For the last week, I've been searching high and low for an answer, but no one seems to know it! Though, it has been posited that it could be by the lady singer of Forever Thursday. I have a link to the sample of the music--and, I'll post it, but I hope that's not against the rules. If so, I'm sorry! http://paperlined.org/tmp/CandyHouseSecretDoor.mp3 Also, here are the lyrics: In a candy house, with a secret door.. There's a mag
  9. I agree! Aqua is cool, but... I -hate- that deep guy voice: "COME ON, BARBIE, LET'S GO PARTY." Are there, maybe, a couple of songs by Aqua that don't feature him? Also: awesome! Because, there's another song I heard on a commercial that no one, so far, seems to recognize... So, I thought I'd post it, here, too. Can't hurt; right? Thanks, Wyn
  10. Hi! I know I just posted for something else, but this is a very different sort of question. Hope that's ok! I'm also looking for songs and/or bands/groups/musicians/etc...that have very girly lyrics and a sort of 'little girl' very fairytale, dreamy and/or poppy feel. A possible band comparison could be The Raveonettes, possibly. Any ideas? Thanks, Wyn
  11. Oh, awesome! I'd thought of Stupid Girl, but it didn't quite fit. But, Frozen Smiles is almost perfect! Thank you!
  12. Hi, there... I'm making a soundtrack and I need a little help with finding an appropriate song for someone who is incredibly fake. She's trying to copy my look, for some reason... But, worst of all, she's just a very fake person. She has almost no personality of her own and, what personality she does have, is kind of loathsome. Does anyone know any good songs for someone like that? Thanks, Wyn
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