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  1. I'm afraid that worm holes require a relativistic approach.

    My little laptop already has problems solving basic Newton's equations.

    Same for coronal mass ejections, which acquire a sophisticated magneto-hydrodynamics code.

    here's a youtube of how it could look like.

    This is all far beyond my capabilities :D:P

    I might execute your Kuiper belt idea, Martin, if I find some time later on. It can be done, but will require some torough studies of the masses and velocities. not to mention the numerical error my 32-bit laptop builds up after a while. Nevertheless it's a cool idea!

    imma try Halley's comet this weekend.

    Thanks! :)

  2. Dear SF fishies.

    You might know I'm on my way to being an Astrophysicist. Today, after 2 weeks of coding, we managed to simulate the solar system, here's a show off pic: :D


    Now that we have written this shizzle, we might use it to play around some more ;)

    We already simulated a binary star system, the Tattooine system (cft Star Wars) and an earth-moon system.

    Now my question:

    Any more cool space-ideas to simulate?

    let your creativity flow! ;)

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