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  1. Alright, here we go:

    1. Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks (1966) 

    2. Summertime - Janis Joplin

    3. Summer Of '69 - Bryan Adams (1984) 

    4. Beverly Hills - Weezer 2005 

    5. Summer in the City-The Lovin' Spoonful 

    6. Walking On Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves 1983 

    7. Boys Are Back In Town, The - Thin Lizzy (1976) 

    8. All Summer Long - KidRock

    9. Schools Out - Alice Cooper 

    10. Dancing In the Street - Martha & the Vandellas - 1964

  2. Hello my dearest music friends!

    How long has it been? A year? I let it come too far. So far that even Ray said I was away for a long time! My sincerest apologies for that! :blush:

    SF top ten #299 wtf! :o

    It been a crazy year, a busy year, but a great year too. You may now address me as Master of Science in physics and astronomy. That's right, I have graduated after five years of hard work of which the last one was probably the hardest but most interesting.

    It is no excuse to leave SF for so long just because I had to study, though. I have been lurking on reddit a lot, wasting my time on memes and advice animals. I tried to frequent the music section too, but lately they only post songs I already know and I'm not learning much new stuff.

    Summer's in the country now, and I'm doing some travelling to pass my last long holiday. I'll be starting a PhD in October, making a grown man's wage and leaving the house into the big world. I am very excited about it, and happy I can still rely on my lovely girlfriend (almost 4 years now!).

    But enough about me, what have you guys been doing the past year. What things changed, who left, who came back. Any marriages, babies? :D

    I want the full report!!

    Cheers! :hippie:

    P.S. oh, I missed the smilies!!

    :couch: :rock: :drummer: :rockon: :shades:

  3. 281zaev.png

    Radio-Activity ~ Kraftwerk (1975)

    nice pun on the title, as it's both about radioactivity and activity on the radio ;)

    musically it's not one of their more immediately accessible records compared to, say, Trans-Europe Express or The Man-Machine, so if you haven't heard any Kraftwerk records yet I wouldn't start with this one (... unless you know you'll like a bit of experimental electronic music, but who does and have not heard Kraftwerk yet? ;) )


    I can confirm that this album is at least worth an 8/10, probably even more after a few listens.

    While I'm here: maybe it's a good idea if we added our own scores to other's reviews. Because more votes = better average :)

  4. Hi guys

    I was talking to a friend about her thesis. She examins how the flu interacts with your cells etc, don't ask me to go into detail. Now I got this cool idea, I said: you should put a nice quote on your thesis, make it extra personal.

    for example, one of our profs put this Run DMC quote on one of our exams:

    "Don't ask me, because I don't know why

    But it's like that, and that's the way it is"

    So now we're looking for a nice line to fit her thesis.

    All I've come up with so far is:

    Sick sick sick (by QotSA), but we obviously need something more.. meaningful ;)

    Thanks ahead!

  5. Apparently, we booked the youth hostel which is right in the middle of the Reeperbahn :D

    At first we was like: wtf :googly: strip clubs, borthels, sex shops :o

    but then we noticed there were many bars and restaurants in the streets nearby.

    Hamburg is a nice city, loved the city centre and the harbor... and the Reeperbahn ;)

    We didn't had the time for the miniature trains, unfortunately.

    Thanks Martin!

  6. I shall visit Hamburg and Hannover next week!

    Mainly visiting the university and their physics programme (Observatory, DESY) and GEO600 in Hannover.

    Beside that, I'll have some time to visit the two cities.

    Any touristic tips & hints (apart from the obvious), Martin? ;)

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