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  1. To be honest I have never really understood a question like this because it can't really be answered. Music is such a personal matter of taste there really is no right or wrong answer. I hope that doesnt sound rude it's not meant to be. Personally The Beatles and Pink Floyd own me. Depending on my mood depends on who I listen to at any given time. As for The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, I seriously like the Stones but The Beatles? I could listen to John Lennon sing forever and never tire of it. I pick out every drum beat, bass sound, rhythm and lead guitar sound and appreciate each members contribution on an individual basis. Like someone else said "I enjoy Beatles music, but I know the Stones" same for me but the other way around. I adore The Beatles Lea
  2. Thanks for the response It was the 90"s I have seen it on PBS several times, I was interrupted when I posted the question. And it was the Pluse CD. I will google it, but I'm sure the name you gave is right. Do you know of any of his other work?
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new I was wondering if someone could please tell me who the backup drummer is on PBS's Pulse,1970 show? He looks like he is standing and at that time about in his 30's? I really don't know how else to describe this. I am a huge Floyd fan and this is driving me nuts. Who is that guy!?!?!
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