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  1. another viewpoint might be that when you do a certain action, fate guided you in doing that action. Therefore, fate intervened, but you helped by doing what you were "supposed" to do.

    I'm not a firm believer in any one god, but I do believe in my guiding angels, and it's abundantly clear (to me) that they are with me constantly. For example, when I was stopped at that red light, and it turned green, and for whatever reason I had a cranial flatulence and did not immediately stomp the accelerator, but instead sat there for 5 seconds, not even realizing I was doing it. And just as I removed my foot from the brake, here comes a little white truck from my left doing about 70, and blows through his red light.

    Had I not spaced out for those 5 seconds, I would more than likely have been t-boned in that intersection.


    I'm like you. I don't believe in a God, but I believ more in forces (like your guiding angels) I am a firm believer in Karma and another force that just helps you out. I still think that we have full control over our lives but when we need a of help, those forces (I'm trying to think of a better word) help us out a little.

    And so I think your little incident with nearly been hit with a ton of truck is a perfect example. That wasn't fate, it was just someone saying "Hey, you know what, I'm gonna help this person out" and somehow distracted you for 5 seeconds.

    That's what I think.

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