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  1. Verse 1 Truth be told He won't break the mold The path is set for him to follow In this empty space He sits in disgrace He shakes his head but shows no remorse Pre chorus He's so cold and weak Too numb to speak Verse 2 Fingerprints on the gun Can't take away what he has done And when he thinks he's in hell He realizes that he's in his cell Chorus He's so cold and weak Too numb to speak The lies concealed The crime revealed Bridge Regrets Actions Decisions That were made Fables Stories Alligations That were made and never thought of That were made and nev
  2. So many things in my head I don't know what to do All these thoughts are reminding me of Being with you So maybe I just need to be alone And then find my way back home I think I'm going head over heels I hope that I can deal with going Out of my mind And maybe find myslef again Yeah, Yeah, Yeah So many reasons why I could be insane But this is how I deal with the pain I stop and listen to my heartbeat So I feel your presence around me But maybe I just need to be alone And then find my way back home
  3. A thought runs through my restless head The light inside has now gone dead Your voice ingraved in my memory I took in everything you said My mind is seeing the color red No regrets but I still have a memory But I'm moving on Even though I still hear your song And I must remain strong 'Cause the past is the past and the future is now I can't let my guard down So many things that I want to say to you I can't lie 'cause I know it's the truth Your face ingraved in my memory This burning fire tears up my heart and soul I'm caged inside and loosing control Your face ingraved in m
  4. I close my eyes and dream that I am flying into another place yeah This desert heat is getting to me Ain't got no feeling of anything anymore I hold my head up and look into the sky I get the feeling that I will live and thrive I turn away All the way And all my pain fades to grey I look away And I now I find That all my insecurites fades to grey Rain is falling And I'm taken back to another place and time And I'm realizing that nothing will ever change So I'll fix it and learn from my mistakes Now I see Now I see Now I see (Anger, Frustration, Sadness)
  5. She stares into space The fear of leaving overwhelms her A broken bond of trust She sits there and starts Reflecting on the way How everyone cares She says No matter what may come Now matter how many songs I hum No matter where I rome Nothing's going to change me She remembers the day she confronted Her friend on all the mess She aware of the trouble that has been occuring Sorry is just a word to her And she starts realizing That friendship is the important thing
  6. The fire that burns within is caught in a dead end That you know that you can't defend Everyone around you acts and looks fake With stereotypes they never will shake Plastic is the main material of course Hate and greed are the power and force You're caught in the middle of this mess And you know that you will break under all this stress Follow the Leader Is the name of the game If you follow the rules You'll remain the same as everyone else So for yourself Break the Chain Trend after Trend The game never ends When you're on the ground watching everyone win They always sa
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