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  1. Ha ha ha, I think song's with spoken parts can be pretty cheesy sometimes. I find myself switching the song just because spoken parts are TOO much for me...

    Like the spoken part in "I'll Be True to You (Yes I Will) by The Monkees. It's SO terrible. But luckily, it's not too long.

    "I'll be true to you, yes I will. Every dream that you have, I'll fullfill".

    Just can't help but laughing sometimes...

  2. Man, I'm only 16, and I haven't had the privilage to listen to REALLY good radio, like some of you have.

    I still know what you all are saying though. Music today just doesnt have the quality that it did back then. There was something magical about the music from the 60's, and the 70's. There was a real quality and depth and talent to it. Im so glad my dad introduced me to it! x) (I feel like a newbie!)

    I do listen to one radio station, Classic Rock, Q107, and I think they do a pretty good job.

  3. I've just had the privilage of discovering Rush about 3 years ago. Lucky that I did! They are fantastic. Haven't hardly gone a day without listening to at least one song by them.

    I quite enjoy the "squirrel on helium". LMAO. That entertains me a great deal.

  4. Robert Plant

    Paul McCartney (dude, he's totally belted out some awesome screams in his career. Come on!)

    John Lennon (he did some good screams in his Beatles days, and let's not forget his screams at the end of his song "Mother")


    Roger Daltrey

    So... basically all of the people you guys have mentioned.

    *feels stupid*

  5. Yah, so basically, I am poor and can only go and see tribute bands. BUT...

    I went and saw these three tribute groups, and thought they were all fantastic.

    First, I saw a Beatles tribute called "Rain" or "Rain: The Beatles Experience". I must say, for a tribute, they had to be one of the best. They did costume changes with costumes that actually looked realistic to the originals, and they even had the accents of each Beatle down to almost exact. They joked with the audience, were quirky, and entertaining. And an extra bonus: during intermissions they had cool videos and clips of retro commercials, and controversial events of the 1960's. It was a very interesting and neat show. Definitly go see it if they come to your town.

    Second I saw two tribute bands who were playing a show together on the night I went. One was a Pink Floyd tribute called "The Pink Floyd Experience", and the other, a Led Zeppelin tribute called "Led Zepplica". These two were absolutly AMAZING. They did every-thing perfect, and they really studied every detail of each band. The Led Zeppelin tribute even had their guitarist playing the guitar with a violin bow, and the drummer even did a crazy 3 min drum solo onstage during their performance of "Moby Dick".

    These two tributes were amazing as well, and worth checking out too, if they happen to be in your area.

  6. I recently bought Led Zeppelin's "Houses of Holy".

    However, the copy I bought is apparently "digitally remastered". When I listened to the album, I was very disapointed. The album sounded like it had been recreated fully. I have heard original versions of the songs on the album, and I quite enjoyed the raw, and un-edited sounds. I knew that remastering was supposed to make it sound different, and sometimes better, but this album sounds like it was recreated fully.

    I am at the risk of sounding stupid here, but:

    1- Is there a difference between "remastered" and "digitally remastered" in terms of sound?

    2- Does a remastered copy IMPROVE an album, or does it take away from the original song(s)?

    3- Is it possible to get a copy of an album on a CD, that ISNT remastered? Or all CD's remastered?

    Sorry for the long, drawn out info, but I am just wondering. And hoping to find someone who might be able to answer my question.

    Thanks. :confused:

  7. Hmm.

    Probably Led Zeppelin.

    They had such a raw and unique style. Amazing guitar, for one thing. I mean, who ELSE plays with a violin bow? Amazing vocals by Plant. Amazing drums, that's for sure. And even amazing bass. They were just different. They changed the way music was made, and played. They changed the way music was heard (they drew audiences in to see concerts, people were starting to want to SEE, and EXPERIENCE the music live). They were just an amazing band.

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