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  1. I saw it last night it was sooo good!!! definitely a must see

    Evey: Who--who are you?

    V: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what... and what I am is a man in a mask.

    Evey: I can see that.

    V: Of course you can. I'm not questioning your powers of observation, I'm merely remarking on the paradox of asking a masked man who he is. :D

  2. Did anyone read that article in the paper where people had to vote for their fav singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer to make a super group but they ended up with the members of Led Zeppelin in every position? It made me laugh. Her's the link if you wanna read it or see who was runners up.


  3. Good call frogs, though I wonder if it would be better suited to the "Best Novelty Songs" thread?

    hmm prehaps they are best suited to the novelty song. I only got into them cause my dad knew the band (his "claim to fame" :D) Apparantly they were/are big in japan?

  4. I have quite a few wierd songs on my computer (Dr. Demento stuff,Chris Moylers totally addicted to plaice for some reason.) But my favorites are the Toy Dolls who have done there own "special" versions of nelly the elephant and living la vida loca.

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