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  1. Thanks for the timeline. I bookmarked it. I was beginning to feel like an old fart (59), but me mum always listened to classical 78s. I passed it along to my son. I used to put headphones on his mum's belly so he could hear Mozart before he was born. Some of his first words were, "Choral Finale from the Ninth Symphony, by Beethoven, under the baton of Herbert VonKarion and the Berlin Philharmonic, Angel Records."

  2. JimmyJazz,

    I'm gonna see Walk the Line tomorrow. I saw J.R. and June in Detroit in 64 and followed their careers from then on. I keep finding more recordings by him. I have heard clips from the film, and I was happy that the actors did their own vocals, but I was disappointed with how they sounded. I'm not sure Hollywood is going to show their best personalities or talents, so I'm ready to be diappointed. Showing people at their best sometimes does not sell tickets any more.

    J.D. Detroit

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