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  1. You folks haven't failed me yet so I'm sure you won't this time either...

    What can you guys tell me about these two bands...

    Aphrodite's Child and Ultimate Spinach.

    I am a little familiar with AC but know nothing about US. Thanks in advance to all you music

    wizards out there :guitar: :drummer:

  2. I'm not too sure about Zepplin. Personally, 'not their strongest material' is being very kind. I love Zep, don't get me wrong, but it took them 3 years to get an album together and it should have been a lot better than it was. Presence was a good album regardless of whether or not it sold well. I at least felt the effort was there and I don't think it was on the last one.

  3. I think too that the type of music that kids are exposed to probably makes a big difference. no offense but the music that they are exposed to is just so manufactured. In thirty years will there be serious discussions about Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira? Even bands like Green Day, Semisonic, Dishwalla and Smashmouth. I am not trying to single these out, they're just a sample of the entire pop genre today. there is no staying power for most of what's being produced. Even when they have 'something to say' it all becomes secondary to whether or not the kids will buy it. the kids don't care about messages, they care about being 'cool' and part of the group.

    OK I'm through now..I didn't plan on going on a tangent...must of hit a nerve. :crazy: :crazy:

  4. If this is a repeat, I apologize. I didn't get any hits when I searched for it so...

    I heard 'Won't Get Fooled Again' last night and started thinking about this..

    Who are the great screamers in rock-n-roll?

    Here's a few of the obvious ones that came to mind...

    Roger Daltrey

    Jim Morrison

    Ted Nugent

    David Lee Roth

    Pink Floyd had a good one on 'Careful With That Ax Eugene' too.

    Anyone have any more or any favorites..?

  5. I've been checking out some of the smaller venue shows lately and have seen some really great shows, so I thought I'd share a few and see if anyone else has seen them around...

    Brandi Carlilse - self titled cd. She opened for Ray Lamontagne here in the ATL. Ray was great,of course,

    but this chick blew me away. Bought her cd that night.

    Sam Shaber - this girl played with Edie Carey (one of my wife's favorites) and this girl is a riot. She will be recording a live album in Chicago this month I believe.

    A couple others that may be a little more established...

    Angie Aparo - This is the guy who wrote the song 'Cry' that Faith Hill butchered.

    Willy Porter - This guy was flat out amazing. Excellant guitarist and has a lot of fun on stage.

    If anyone gets the chance to see any of these folks, I would recommend any of them. You can probably get more info on their websites if you want it.


  6. Peter, Paul & Mary did a song called 500 miles (If you miss the train I'm on, you will know that I am gone. You can hear the whistle blow 500 miles)and it was covered by a group in the early 70's. It was a faster pace than the PP&M version. I had the 45 record back then but I cannot remember who the artist was. For some reason I keep thinking it was 'Heaven' or something like that. i could be way off though. If anyone out there can help, I would appreciate it. It seems as though it was popular around the same time as Vanity Fair's "Hitchin A Ride"...Thanks.

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