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  1. Note: Just noticed that the email from Yahoo! stating that I had made a team has some important information for players wanting to try the online draft this year. Hold onto it, or just remember this info below:

    ' On draft day, please arrive 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. The draft will start promptly and may conclude rapidly if only a few managers are logged in.

    We also suggest that you custom rank players in case you can't make it to the draft. You can do this at any time by simply going to the Fantasy Football home page and clicking on your team name.

    New to fantasy football or want to learn more? Check out our video tutorials and soak up the knowledge.

    Thanks for joining. Good luck.'

  2. Im in, too. Thanks, Rocky! We have 3 registered now.

    C'mon folks; click that link as soon as you see it and you are in within another click. The rest can be done later ( team names, draft list, etc.). We need a head count before the draft can take place to be sure to have an even and/or a sufficient number of teams. :badcomp:

    Otherwise, we will have to either a) reschedule (difficult for online option, unless everyone subsequently autodrafts ) and possibly miss Week 1, (Sept.4 is the first game), or B) pack it in for having not enough teams to make it interesting. :puppyeyes:

    You may need a little time to prepare your draft list and other things as well. Saturday will be here in no time... :drummer:

  3. We need the league set up soon, Rocky, so that everyone can get their teams registered-especially if the draft is this Saturday. It usually takes a few days, at least, for all to see that the league is up and to take the time to register. Auto-draft players need a few days to set their choices as well. :thumbsup:

  4. Fairly quick, CanAm. Just waiting for a few more of the usual suspects to pop in. Blues? Carole ? Carl ? Rocky is going to run the league this year as he knows both about on-line and off-line drafts- which seems to be the call this year.

    Rocky; you may want to fire off a couple PMs to these folks to get them in gear.

  5. I would also like to manually draft my team.

    If that's not possible, then Kevin, you have failed us as a commissioner lol

    ?!?!? *See first post in this thread* ... ;)

    If both options are possible now , then I sure don't give a rat's ass how the draft is done. I only know that this is just a side bit of fun for me, and I'm certainly not going to sit for hours online drafting people, many of which will just have to be replaced anyway at various points. Knock yourselves out, you guys who take this rather seriously. :cool:

  6. We appear to be counting in both leagues as of today. Not sure if week 1 will count for us or not then. I originally thought not, but can someone confirm ?

    Also, Can Am, I think we have only one DL position per team-was this your original plan? Please confirm if I'm right about that. If so, I really think we need 2 at least (or 3). Players go down like flies in MLB, sometimes a number of times over the season or for lengthy stretches. Would hate to have to drop good guys soon because there is no space for them. :)

  7. If it's all the same to you,CanAm, and everyone else, can we wait until Sunday evening (March 30th ), or at least the weekend? I really have been swamped and need a little time to look at the list as well as just to remember who is still playing now and for what teams, along with our scoring system ! Another year older and a bit slower, after all … :)

  8. Update: it seems the Australian games were played already on March 22, and Yahoo! is going to make week 1 from that date until April 6th. That being the case, we have already missed week one and have until then to get our league in order, Can Am , so no need to pull the trigger soon on the draft date , unless you want to.

  9. I'm in both, Can Am. It's your call, but I think you would want at least 8 teams for the head-to-head ,if possible. Delay the draft up until the last minute ( without missing the first week of play ) if necessary to try and get that many would be my advice. Any word from Carl or others yet ? He usually plays.

    When are the first games ? I think there's some in Australia this year-is that soon or this week ?

  10. Apparently , from a podcast I heard ,Bakersfield smells like a sewer from all the agricultural waste around it , as well as from the combined pollution from the major cities blowing in and combining around it . Is that right, kids ?

  11. Well, Stafford couldn't do much which hurt my overall points quite a bit , but even if he had doubled his projection there was no way to catch up to Kenne and Denver this week. My other guys played well enough which was satisfying at least.

    Congratulations Wyld Card; our 2013 champion! :thumbsup: :cool: :bow:

    Not quite over yet , but Blues looks to hold his lead over Sammy as long as something wacky doesn't happen in the late games , so Congrats to them for 3rd and 4th as well. :partytime1:

  12. Tomorrow we play for all the marbles. Kenne is the clear favorite- at least 2:1; almost a lock- so all I'm hoping for is that Denver finds a way to suck badly against Houston, or they decide to rest Manning , et al. I really can't believe that motley crew of mine is in the finals anyway !?! Not really a single consistent 'star' to make it any easier, and there just is nothing in the pantry to try and improve things. I need an almost impossible day from nearly all of them to have a chance.

    Good luck ,Wyld, and to everyone else playing tomorrow trying to improve their rankings! :thumbsup:

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