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  1. Thanks for your feedback,ladies. No, honestly, do you think that is the case ? After songs I've watched him carefully and he dosen't display any of the aforementioned symptoms...what's going on ? ::
  2. I' ve always wondered about Joe Cocker's manic facial and body movements while he is singing. Anyone know or have some input? Are they simply to help bring out his great sound or is there something else ? ::
  3. Having just taken one myself, and without trying to be indelicate here, I was wondering what songs are currently being performed out there ? Just finished a 'lovely' version of ' Angie' and Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus'. No requests for an encore were forthcoming, however.
  4. Kevin


    Jimmy Cliff is a legend as well as Sly and Robbie Dunbar. For a more contemporary/ pop sound try Maxi Priest. For a good time, though, I'd recommend The Specials--an early 80's British group.
  5. I was thinking , for example, of 'Baba O'Riley' by The Who .
  6. Any suggestions on favorite songs in which the title and lyrics, at least at first --or still, seem to have no apparent connection ? ::
  7. Could someone please make an announcement soon to the membership about the current status of the site ? People are eager to begin using it, if possible, but would like to know with some sort of official word from you as to what they can/ cannot or should/ shouldn't do presently. By all means, please remove the barriers erected by katie, edna and myself and replace them with messages bearing your names as I'm sure this would be much more reassuring to all. Thank you.
  8. Alakazam ! You disappeared, so just bringing you back !
  9. Hey !! I just thought of something ! Hee-hee-hee ! You little devil you !
  10. " The Ying Tong Song " -- The Goons ?
  11. Announcement : To all playing this game today Due to a glitch in the system (?) this thread may disappear if someone posts ahead of it. You will be able to find it at the back of the listing of "Fun and Games", ( around pg. 42 or so ! ) and continue to play as normal. You will then launch the thread to the top of the list , as expected. As long as the game is not pre-empted by another post, it will remain as the most recent post and you will see it accordingly. If not, go to the back and search. A real pain, but I hope it's temporary.
  12. Trippy ! Looking for your favorite threads ? Well, go to the end of the directory and look for them. Any recent entries today have mysteriously dated as Jan. 1/ 1970 () and are sent to the back of the list to be in chronological order ! Good Luck -- and don't get lost.
  13. A HA! "Shaving Cream" -- Bell Benny !!
  14. Hmm. In case Old is being nationalistic " Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport " -- Rolf Harris ?
  15. Actually, the clue I found was that Elvis recorded The Drifters " Money, Honey" Lucky ! ::
  16. Thank you. Thankyouverymuch ! Hey ! Are you IMPYING that I couldn't get one right unless you cheated ?!?!? :beady:
  17. "They're Coming To Take Me Away " -- Napoleon XIV ?
  18. " When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars.... This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ... " PEACE ::
  19. They all had songs later recorded by Elvis ?
  20. Well, taking advantage of this glitch in the site ( temporary I hope ), the date on many posts states that today is January 1/ 1970. This made me think : If it truly was, what would you like to do/see/ etc. again or for the first time ? ::
  21. C) All have had songs of their made into hits by other performers ? Yes with the posting dates, I felt like was in an H.G. Wells story. Happy New Year Everyone ! --- 1970 again , eh ? GROOVY ! Now to go and buy some Apple and Toyota stock and a hoard of new "Let It Be " albums before it's too late !
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