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  1. Since you obviously know so much about this subject, who do you think portrays the way a guitar should sound?

    A Guitar should sound like THIS:

    Jimmy Page "Rock n Roll"

    Jimi Hendrix "Little Wing"

    Eric Clapton "Strange Brew"

    Robbie Robertson "King Harvest"

    Mark Knopler "Brothers in Arms"

    Angus Young "Back in Black"

    Paul Kossoff "Mr Big"

    Duane Allman "Layla"

    Neil Young "Southern Man"

    Steve Howe "Siberian Khatru"

    Take Your Pick!

  2. Michael Angelo Batio

    the world's No.1 speed guitar offically ranked by guitar world magazine. I understand that speed is not everything, but his signature stage move:"over - under" is just amazing.

    also, he invented "quad" guitar and was the first one can ever play it.

    At 14 he was playing Jazz and by 16 won an award for outstanding Jazz soloist on guitar.


  3. excellent comments by all. thanks. yet i have to say that playing a guitar's not just about getting the notes right and plucking the strings to get some melodies out. Its more to the soul, and effects helps to bring out the feeling of the player. Furthermore, some guitar effects are symbols of certain genres of rocks like psychedelic rock. Don't you think that the guitar sound ofpink floyd is great? :stars:

  4. I agree with the saying that the music picks me. I live in china and it is difficult for me to get good western music due to lack of knowledge at that time( actually until i hav not improved much :o) and lack of resources in the market.

    A lot of time I brought the cds just because the cover is attractive or the title is meaningful to me. In the end I had a lot of great great music which accompanied me till now...

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