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  2. I found this out last week, when my sweet love told me, and I was devastated. However, I now know that he's playing up there in the friendly skies with his bandmate, Benjamin Orr. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/15/us/ric-ocasek-the-cars-lead-singer-death/index.html
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  4. Hi there, Like everyone else, I absolutely love this song!!! I've always been confused though. It sounds like there are two singers taking the lead on the verse. For example, "Have you ever been lonely?... Do you think of me, as just another one?". Followed by "You've been talking in circles".. or something like that. Am I dreaming? Are there two singers going back and forth or is this guy just a kick ass singer mimicking two voices? Any help would really put me at ease with this one. Thanks everyone!!!!
  5. You're a "not-quite-Astronaut" who has been selected to find out what happened at the power-transmitting station orbiting the Moon. Things are hot, dusty, and civilization is about to crash on Earth, so you get a welcome change of pace. As in an episode of the "Twilight Zone," it's a case of "Where is Everybody?" The launch base looks deserted, but you're in contact with...someone. Get cracking mister, the fate of the world is on your shoulders!
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  7. The traditional people of the village are caught "between two elephants." The chief is trying to establish Islam, forcing people to take Islamic names, while the French colonial government pushes Christianity. This "battle of beliefs" turns deadly, with the survivors left with "Hobson's choice, " ("Ceddo"). This is the second Senegalese movie on Turner Classic Movies' "Foreign Film Sunday." The first film, "Emitai," (1971) deals with "the white man's war," World War II, as the Vichy French regime attempts to conscript military-age men and seize the village's rice for taxes. Both films have attracted controversy, from the government of Senegal and France, respectively.
  8. Planet 4556B has more than one Biome, and there are other regions to explore. Uh, is this a good day to stay in bed? Watch out for the overly-spirited-gamer, who might drive you back to the less jerky Canadian...
  9. Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" the Human, takes on the dastardly AI of "Automated Chess"! Who will win this battle of brains and eerily moving Chess pieces? (Rod Serling is kibitzing for all the good it will do.)
  10. Turner Classic Movies is back in the "Silent+Foreign film" schedule at last! Submitted for your approval, a distinguished looking man shows up at your door, claiming to be a famous film director, and says that the house and it's occupants fit the bill for his new movie. (Yep, Hollyweird has arrived!) What would you do if this "Super Allen Funt" showed up and "charmed the pants off everybody"? So the tale unwinds...with the people who were taken in by this bogus "Cecil B. DeMille."
  11. Good morning, Poland continues to resist the combined invasions by Nazi German and Russia, but things are looking bad. (According to "Indy Neidell" and the "Time Ghost Army") But here is another singer-songwriter who has something to say about September. Stop the shooting and bombing, already! Let's have"peace in our time" for a few minutes.;) World War II, Week #1 with Indy Neidell
  12. Kazakhstan for real! ("Borat"? What is that?) An epic (2 hour+) movie about horse-borne warriors struggling to survive against a determined enemy. Some folk complain if a movie runs more than 120 minutes, so put another Jiffy Pop "stove top expander" on. Once again, Turner Classic Movies is showing "Hollywood Studio System Classics" instead of Silents plus foreign films. It took a while to find an interesting movie, but if your like "Neo Nazi Skin Head Modern Germany," then "Combat Girls" (2011) is your shot of Schnapps. How about The Eighty Years War on the Spanish side? Keep your powder dry with "Alatriste." (2006) Do murderous French schoolboys interest you? "Fever" (2014) is your Leopold & Loeb kinda movie. "Combat Girls" (2011) "Alatriste" (2006) "Fever" (2014)
  13. Some have all the luck, The Right One is the one you grew up with. A song that celebrates the one who has always been "right before your eyes." Too slow? Fly along with Aidan James as "One of The Ones"
  14. Good morning everyone, I’d like to think this song embodies my mood perfectly as I am eating an egg sandwich at 8:45 in the morning. A halo.... hanging from the corner of my girlfriends 4 post bed you know?
  15. I was sent a mp3 of a John Lee Hooker song titled "Come On Home Baby (Live) 1987" but I've not been able to find any information on the tune. Does anyone know what album or concert it came from? Any insight would be very much appreciated!
  16. Submitted for your approval, yet another interesting way to distribute music. Step right up folks, see a marvel of the modern age: Music on a Chip! By cracky, what will the boffins think of next? "Techmoan" usually unearths old tech, but this features chips, not of the edible variety, but the many-contact-bearing silicon chip that plugs into a game port or equivalent. What kind of music, you ask? Something that c computer might come up with...if it was "bored" and sought attention for Humans. (As a added bonus, the controls are more like game controls!)
  17. Submitted for your approval, a hats off salute to working people on Labor Day 2019.
  18. What color is that "Rubik's Cube?" In a misquote from "Alice In Wonderland," it all depends on where/what your start with. "Techmoan" is off this week, pursuing yet another forgotten piece of tech, so here's another vlogger, here to challenge your visual reality. Yep, it's an RGB world, when it isn't CMYK, that is.;)
  19. The Fool On The Hill - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
  20. Over the Hills and Far Away - Led Zeppelin
  21. Right NOW it's Wire Train, "Chamber of Hellos." What a great tune.
  22. Here are 9 I went to growing up, with a bogus one thrown in. Donny & Marie Hall & Oates U2 The Alarm Bananarama The Police Black Crowes Scandal INXS Concrete Blonde
  23. Submitted for your approval, an Anime series that I missed on Adult Swim when it first appeared. I should have realized that this "Thelma and Little Louise"-like production bore the stamp of Shinichiro Watanabe, of "Cowboy Bebop" fame. Unlike the pretty lame North American Anime productions, this is at least as interesting as "Spike, Jet, Ein, Faye, and Ed."
  24. I was looking at Drachinfel's posts about warships and came across a full length Japanese Anime movie with subtitles! This isn't a light-hearted school story, but a "Tom Clancy"-level drama about The Cold War years. I imagine that this world is what "Orange Julius Caesar" misses. So, will the space-based ICBM defense system work "when the missiles fly"? Stay tuned for messages from what's left of civilization...
  25. You're traveling through Space on Time to look for a ship lost on an unexplored planet. Suddenly, your ship stops "flying through space," and is "falling into the planet's gravity well." Alarms blare and you get into an escape pod, which lands in water. The search-and-rescue mission is now a survive-a-planet-that's-trying-to-kill-you until help arrives trial by ordeal. What do you do next?
  26. How about a love song, asking the "usual question" for the upcoming Labor Day weekend?
  27. I would definitely include Dave Grohl's "Play" and him with Trent Reznor and Josh Homme, "Mantra."
  28. Wow, that’s sounds very familiar! No harmonica but I was hearing things, this is the one. Great song!
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