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Jane Wiedlin


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I study songs and look for stories. It's what I do. So when I had the opportunity to speak with Jane Wiedlin, who wrote many of The Go-Go's songs, I wanted to find out what role the songs played in their move from Punk Rock to Pop.

The Go-Go's were real deal Punks in the late '70s, playing gnarly little clubs with bands like The Germs. What I didn't realize was that much of Punk Rock was inspired by '60s Bubblegum Pop, and is a huge influence on The Go-Go's. The same songs you heard on Beauty And The Beat were ones they played at the clubs, only they played them faster.

I'll let you read the rest:

Interview with Jane Wiedlin

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Say no more ...checked out the homepeage of her website ... :shades: :thumbsup: :afro: ...is it hot in here or is that just me ?! ;)

Good interview ,Carl . You brought out things that people often don't want to easily reveal nor go into to , in a gentlemanly way . Mind the eggs from BF , though - he's a bit of a prude as far as who is a real punk and who isn't ... :laughing:

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