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Mellencamp honored with award.

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John Mellencamp will be honored by ASCAP with the organization's Champion Award "for music in the service of humanity" at the 11th annual ASCAP Foundation Awards on December 12. ASCAP Foundation President Marilyn Bergman said, "John Mellencamp has always been known as a 'people’s artist,' a performer who touches a common chord across class, age and regional lines. In helping to establish Farm Aid, he was instrumental in bringing awareness of the plight of small farmers to wide attention. His fearless advocacy on issues ranging from peace to racial prejudice is to be applauded. For these reasons and more, we are proud to present John with the ASCAP Foundation Champion Award for music in the service of humanity."

I think this is cool, Farm Aid is a great cause, way to go John!

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The one I know sure is. :grin:

:blush: Gals from GA is mighty awesome as well ;)

Wait, wasn't "One Day at a Time" set in Indiana? Because I really wanted to be Valarie Bertinelli when I was a kid.

Feisty Anne Romano, her moody daughter Julie, and Julie's adorable kid sister Barbara all hailed from Indianapolis, capitol of Indiana and home city to David Letterman, and city where most of my NKOTB paraphenalia was purchased.

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Actually my family is from Petersburg... a mere blip! Small world, huh?? I know New Albany AND Lebanon well! I have two all time favorite Indiana cities. Santa Claus, of course.... and French Lick. Santa Claus, well if you've been there you know, plus it's a cool name, and French Lick cause it's such an easy double entendre, plus it's the home of that basketball playing hick...(the one from French Lick)!

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