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In the August issue of Men's Journal, Songfacts is listed as one of the 100 Best Websites For Guys. It's the issue with Lance Armstrong on the cover - turn to page 78, and there we are, right next to a lovely girl holding a large fish:

Songfacts.com: Trivia, rumors, legends, and correct lyrics of rock songs. A must if you like to bore people in bars.

This is a proud moment for Songfacts - Men's Journal is a great magazine with articles dealing with health, travel, and of course, photos of lovely women holding fish. When you're done reading about Songfacts, be sure to check out the 10 Sexiest Olympians Of All Time, complete with a rendering of the Olympic rings that the IOC cannot be happy about. :thumbsup:

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A big heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to the both of you, as well as other mod's and/or contributors that make this site such a great place. WAY TO GO!!! :coolio:

Is it too early to start celebrating now? ::

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It really is an awesome site, y'all. I learned about it from Unlimited (Marlboro's magazine. . . haven't smoked in 7+ years but somehow I'm still on the mailing list ::) several months ago, but didn't start posting until recently.

So Mindcrime, there already are a few new members lurking here and there. :P

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