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The Songfactor's Choice: Best Soundtracks


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Here's a bit of an update for you all, an item of interest that everyone ought to check out....

The Songfacts Store

When you click that link you'll find the great Soundtrack albums that:

Farin (Pulp Fiction)

The Lizard (Almost Famous)

Laurie (Forrest Gump)

Elvish (A Hard Day's Night) and

Edna (Grease)

Suggested for this first edition of the new Songfactor's Music of Choice, on the feature page of the New Songfacts Store. Don't stop there! Check all the other links as well. You'll find links to The Best Soundtracks/Scores ever released (which I'm happy to say features many of the nominations of our members), as well as a treasure trove of other selected items.

Furthermore, if you click on the Songfacts Store link, you'll find fantastic albums, all handpicked from the great reviews we get from you, the members of Songfacts, in our Album Reviews Forum.

This is well on it's way to becoming a very exciting feature for our favorite website, and it's all due to the contributions of you, the members of Songfacts! Remember, even if you choose not to nominate, everyone is always encouraged to vote, and select The Songfactor's Music of Choice! ;)

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well, you can't forget that the t-shirt is the main prize in our quiz :)

wouldn't be the same if you also could simply buy it with a few more clicks, right? :)

and you can't forget about all the t-shirts that were just given away and were not part of the main prize in the quiz.

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