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No , very simply , and in common speech - YOU are the problem . You can rethink your ways - but I'm sure Marc will tell us that's a waste of time -at present . Therefore, you should simply leave us - and don't worry- there won't be any fond or tearful good-byes .

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Got to interview Joan Armatrading this morning. Good way to start the day.

Today starts our  Anniversary Celebration Week !!  for Lucky and I.               Culminating into the Zenith Wednesday January 27th and subsiding into saturday... 9  Glorious years together.  

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you realize that you tell me to rethink your ways yet you refuse to rethink yours

perhaps it is a simple disagreement of opinion and you should let it be

why do you think saying things like 'no tearful goodbyes' will even bother me if anything it would just encourage me to stay dont you even understand what im doing

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If you're tired of all the tallywhacker swinging around the pond, sign here:

1 Tenacious Peaches

2 Kari

3 Mama Peaches

4 Melocotones

5 Tenpea

6 Sammy's baby mama

7 Peaches Fricker

8 Mrs. Cougar

9 10P

10 Jack Black's future ex-wife

RG's hetero life partner forgot to sign, as did Bacon Lovin' Hot Mama :mad:

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Dang it, I've got too many nom de plumes. Or would that be nommes de plume? Oh, my Francais lessons from over 20 years ago, where have you gone?

I used to teach french to a LOT OF girls before I got married and had kids... no words were ever spoken, but it was french alright ... I assure you. :D

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I knew you would!!! :thumbsup: Now we´re close neighbours... ;) In two weeks you´ll have more posts than me, you´ll see... :laughing: :laughing:

:):):) :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Here´s your brownies...

fudgybrowniesck263462lrq0.jpg [spoilerq:1]and here´s some more!!![/spoilerq]

[spoilera:1]fudgybrowniesck263462lrq0.jpgfudgybrowniesck263462lrq0.jpgfudgybrowniesck263462lrq0.jpgfudgybrowniesck263462lrq0.jpg [/spoilera]

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