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Kevin, since you left Radhika out of your Valentine wish list (YOU FOOL) and I was too "wild" for your tastes (not quite what u meant but rejection hurts!) I decided to take Radhi out dancing all night. Hope you had fun alone, and unlike you I won't break her heart :neener:

:laughing: :laughing:

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I am now an ordained priest of the Universal Life Church Monastery . I can now do the following :

A Universal Belief

The Universal Life Church has only two tenets:

To promote freedom of religion

To do that which is right

The Universal Life Church Monastery has recorded your application for ordination. It has been entered into the International Database of the Ministry of the Church, whose numbers total millions worldwide.

As a member of the Universal Life Church you are granted the ability to:

Perform marriages, funerals, baptisms, ceremonial rites, and last rites.

Start your own church, be it brick & mortar or online.

Absolve others of their sins.

Use the title Reverend, Minister, Healer, Educator, and more. More info

:angel: :angel: :angel: :angel: :angel:

If you too would like to become a man/woman of the cloth or follow that calling/ annoying voice in your head , check out http://www.themonastery.org/

It's free -and so far no spam .

BTW ; if anyone is feeling rather guilt ridden and wants to unload all their sins , PT me , and I'll absolve you . :D

Bless you , my children . :cool:

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