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Tumblr is like blogging for people who are too lazy to really blog.

When you get on your tumblr, you see what everyone else is posting and are given the option to post something yourself. You can post a video, picture, text, audio or a link. It's really easy too. Just either upload whatever you wanna post or, in the case of a video, copy the embed code and then put in a caption if you want then hit create post. Simple. It also can connect with Facebook and Twitter simultaneously posting whatever you post on Tumblr onto Facebook and Twitter.

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Hi Everyone... I imagine you're wondering where I've been lately.

On Saturday morning, June 12th I suffered an attack of severe benign positional vertigo. This was the first time this has ever happened to me and the symptoms were quite severe. I was rushed to the hospital and eventually they were able to bring the condition under control. You can read about benign positional vertigo here>>> >>>https://health.google.com/health/ref/Benign+positional+vertigo (I won't bore you or sicken you with a description of the symptoms).

During my hospital stay it was discovered that my kidney function was not good and my blood pressure was very, very high. (I am diabetic and have had high blood pressure for several years). I was kept at the hospital undergoing several tests and treatments in order to bring these conditions under control.

I was released from the hospital yesterday and will continue to undergo treatment and will be seeing my regular doctors and a couple of new doctors frequently over the next few months.

I must say that the ER staff, doctors, RN'S, CNA'S and lab and tech personnel I encountered at HUP (Hospital/University Of Pennsylvania) were excellent and my stay there was as pleasant as anyone could expect while being very productive in correcting and treating my conditions.

Joann, Joey and Meg and Sophie and Georgia were wonderful in helping me to handle these latest little problems. I'm a very fortunate man to have them.

It's nice to be back home. I missed you all.

[smaller](Getting old can really suck if you're not careful)[/smaller]

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Joe! I'm glad you're okay... and hoping you keep getting better. That's so scary! I had no clue you were in the hospital or I'd have taken up a donation and had a flower sent to your room (you know how cheap these SF peeps can be) ;)

Keep getting better... and keep us posted. I know Lea will light a candle for you, and if you behave yourself, so will I. :)

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UJ,I don't know what to say...but,I missed you... wondered and stuff...Folks,this is the man that helped me remember the songs when I was a kid... and some others...45's and stuff...And I mean young..."Maybe" "Love Of My Life"...Who I thought other people did...

I do and will pray for you...my friend :thumbsup:

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UncleJoe!!! :P I thought you were spending some days on vacation, I dunno why I had that thought... cause I did miss you on the boards and on FB.

Please, please, pretty please, take good care of you and get well. We love you!!!!!!!!


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