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Somewhere, on a message board far, far away in

Cyberspace, there was a poster by the name

Of Young Hemp Knight.

The board was a much better place because of

The sometimes unusual, sometimes

Comical and always

Offbeat postings of the friendly young

Master of creative writing.

Ever the optimist, the negativity of a few

Hooligans drove him away.

Oh, how he was missed; the

Message board was not the same without him.

Even the hooligans had no one to harrass.

How will this story end? Only one person knows...

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God only knew how I felt

On that rainy, cold

Lonely day.

Loser, that's what I felt like.

You all could do nothing to help me.

Though you all sent me messages that made me laugh

Hate was all that I could focus on.

Anger was what replaced the blood in my veins.

Nobody could help me with my head.

Killed no longer was my spirit.

So now I'm back!

Made that little thing up on the spot (hence the suckiness :laughing:)

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