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Andy Hersey (Roger Clyne)


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At Roger Clyne's suggestion, I contacted his good friend Andy Hersey. Andy has performed at numerous RCPM concerts that I have attended, and his brand of music fits right in with theirs.

He's the real deal - the real singing cowboy. This man has been herding cattle and shoeing horses since he was 16. It was because of a poem he wrote while waxing reminiscent one day in the bunk house that he determined to learn how to play a guitar, for no other reason than just so that poem could be made into a song.

That poem was "If These Walls Could Talk," and has evolved into a duet with Roger Clyne and Andy which is eerily like the Waylon and Willie stuff of times gone by.

Andy's a storyteller by nature, and our conversation was so chock full of information about his songs... he truly writes from his heart, and every song was a personal experience, and every person in every song is a personal friend.

I will go on record saying this is one of my top two favorite interviews to date that I have had the pleasure of conducting. And Andy in person is just like Andy on stage or on the phone: easy-going, personable, friendly, the guy who'll put everything aside to rescue his buddy from a fix.

There's not a lot of artists I'd dare to say this about, fearing for the outcome, but I would like to one day be a character in one of Andy's songs. He still owes me that beer he promised me. I'll get to work on that.

Look him up on his Website www.andyhersey.com you'll be glad you did.

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