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My ultimate dream for Songfacts

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It has my dream that the songs here could be sampled (not like Amazon) the whole song, like.. like "radio on demand", if you will? But pay the artist , owners, distributors, etc. Much like videos. Like videos play on a site, you have to watch an ad first, like Dodge, Pepsi, or McDonalds, then they pay for your product.

SpiralFrog is now pioneering this concept. Who knows, maybe someday this could be a wide-spead idea. Advertisers have paid for sports arenas, why not have them buy my tunes?

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You're right!

To listen to. Not Download.

First, it would be an easier quest, second, like radio, the pay-off to artist/owner/distributor etc, would be more attractive. The end result would be the same as I vision, to have the "discovery" of the song to be completed via Songfacts, about the song, to hear the song, to relate to the song in a new way.

This place has been, and always will be, a place for me to discover more about the song than I did before I read about it, or after I read about it, I go and find it and listen, sometimes for the first time, sometimes "again" for the first time.

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I think it would be great to be able to sample a tune... just 30 seconds of it, a cut from the middle or something (some songs take 2 minutes to get the actual song going!)

Even if the sampled track isn't what they were searching for, they may like the song and become a fan.

Kinda like riding in someone elses car or visiting someones home and they have music going that you like but have no idea who's playing/singing or what song it may be.

At least this way, the earworm would have a listing of the title and artist along with songfacts and artistfacts! Much easier to get fans that way, I think...

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