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Animal Collective (marijuana anyone?)

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So here's a modern day band that might as well have been around in psychedelia's hey-day of the late 60's. Animal Collective is an important band in the genre known as "freak folk" which is pretty much weird modern day folk music. The genre also includes Devendra Banhart, and then a bunch of people nobody's ever heard of.

Anyways, Animal Collective is a band that I know many people here will enjoy. I figured that out in the "marijuana legalization" thread, haha. But even in a normal state of mind, this band is still amazing, if you ask me. For Animal Collective, no sound is too weird, and the music is so hypnotic it will put you in a trance. But they aren't just weird for the sake of weird. Their music is very fun and will bring you back to your childhood when everything was really mystical and every forest was an adventure waiting to happen.

They are sort of like a modern day Pink Floyd but more "earthy" rather than "spacey" if that makes any sense. Oh, and they are great for headphone listening. Their best album is called "Sung Tongs."

the sound quality on these videos isn't great

Leaf House


Who Could Win a Rabbit?



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