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How Long (once again) for submitted facts?

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I'm pretty sure I asked this years ago but here goes again...

I was going to start adding some (verified) facts (of course, about the Beatles) and did just one to see how long the process. I'm sure I added it the day I rejoined and still not up.

Okay, so do I need some credentials? ;) Do I need to scan some of the plaques off the wall? ;) My various report cards? :) Degrees? :) Life insurance? :) Have songfacts as beneficiary to mutual bonds? :crazy:

Other than that, I'm still :coolio:

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From this thread - What were the last facts you submitted? (last September)

Just one (so far) to see how long it takes and still a no show. The fact was to settle the guitar parts of a Beatles tune that has already been mentioned as a fact (but more so trivial) and some comments. I elaborated the point to a more specific but concise matter. It's kinda funny since Carl used to run by a lot of the "Beatles" facts through me for verification a few years back. Oh well ;)

Anyway, six months and still a no show. I guess my Beatle credentials are not credible unless I stick back that old silly username of 'beatleant'. I may be older but I'm pretty sure I haven't lost that many brain cells. :D

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