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A few more for the pot...






Battles - Good pick! Those guys get tagged with so many genres (post-rock, indie-rock, progressive rock, instrumental rock, space rock, post-punk, noise rock, etc.) but it's easiest said to just use 'Math-Rock'. It comes as no surprise that the guitarist also played in "Don Caballero." Also, their drummer John Stanier, played in "Helmet."

Tortoise - These guys are among the originals to be at the forefront regarding 'Post-Rock'. Good pick!

Rothko - These guys have been around for like 10 years. They have around a dozen albums/eps. Most definite post-rock. Good pick!

Low - These guys are really popular. However, some just don't think they should be tagged with 'Post-Rock'. For me, I haven't heard all their albums to really give an honest opinion. It's definitely indie-rock with some experimentation, that's for sure. Good band though.

Mogwai - Great band! One of the popular 90s post-rock bands. 'Young Team' is the album to get.


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thank you for your post :bow: :bow:

after listening to every link of yours I think it's safe to say that I'm definitly a fan of Post Rock :rockon: same (maybe even more, I haven't decided yet) with Math Rock :rockon:

out of the ones you listed I only didn't really like Vanessa Van Basten (the 'heavy' sound sort of clashes with the style... contrary to the others this felt weird to me) and Mono (their songs sounded like a soundtrack for a movie, with the orchestra and such...) I think I'm more a fan of the minimalistic sound :)

Favourites so far are Explosions in the Sky and Windmills by the Ocean :thumbsup:

now you can check out Couch especially the track Alle auf Pause :)

Yes, 'Couch' are post-rock. From Germany too! Good stuff. They've been around since the mid-nineties and have released half dozen or so albums.

As for 'Mono', well, you've basically said what many have described their music - like a soundtrack for a movie, with the orchestra. I have read a thread somewhere about songs that make you cry and there was at least three people who have mentioned a tune by 'Mono' that literally left them crying. But, you've mentioned that you are more fond of the minimalistic sound - you could say 'Mono' fits that description.

Anyway, I can give you all more examples if interested. And I'm not just picking out of a hat, but bands I'm familiar with their music. :)

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my favorite post rock albums:

1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

2. Explosions in the Sky - The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

3. A Silver Mt. Zion - Born Into Trouble as the Sparks Fly Upwards

4. Sigur Ros - ( )

5. Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People

out of these, Explosions is easily the most accesible, and probably the least respected by post-rock fans. I like them a lot though. I think they made all the music for the Friday Night Lights soundtrack.

you can listen to their song, "The Only Moment We Had Alone" here


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I don't think there is such thing as a post rock compilation, most post rock bands are pretty album oriented.

Yes, well said. Also explains why I couldn't think of a compilation. I should sit down a make a list of my favourite 'post' albums. As mentioned before, Miaou's "Happiness" would be right up there.


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Sigur Rós - 'Heima' Film Trailer


Sigur Rós break their two-year silence to release their first-ever film and a companion album later this autumn. Filmed over two weeks last summer when the band undertook a free tour of Iceland, 'Heima' stands as a colossal labour of love - not to say grand folly - typical of this most exacting of bands. While most people set up a few cameras at, say, a festival, and call it a DVD, Sigur Rós decided they would push the boat (bus and plane) out for their debut venture into live film, hauling 40-plus people round 15 locations to the furthest flung corners of their homeland to create something, well, inspirational. On their way they went to ghost towns, outsider art shrines, national parks, small community halls and the absolute middle-of-nowhere-ness of the highland wilderness, as well as playing the largest gig of their career (and in Icelandic history) at their triumphant homecoming Reykjavik show. 'Heima' (Icelandic for "at home" or "homeland"), truly, shows Sigur Rós as never before.

Sigur Rós - 'Heima' Film Trailer on youtube

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I became such a huge fan/admirer of Sigur Rós in the last few weeks after purchasing "Takk..."

and not only is the music spectacular, no they also made the best music videos I've seen since Michel Gondry's work with Björk




btw, I always thought he's singing in Icelandic all the time, but it seems quite a few songs (eg the last two^) are sung in a gibberish language called "Hopelandic"

not that I would have understood it either way :grin:

anyway, more of their albums will definitely come into my collection soon :bow: :bow:

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