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Great Covers that may be better than originals

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Here's an interesting clip somebody put together. It's a comparison of "Please Read the Letter". Written by and performed on the album "Walking Into Clarksdale" ~ Page & Plant. Plant & Krauss covered it on their album and the result is interesting .... better? I dunno, but definately different, and I like it.

Please Read the Letter

Lucky, don´t think I´m selfish and don´t care for others´ posts... it´s just that I can´t really access youtube very often. I¨m listening to this song now but it´s slow... (I mean, the internet...)

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Well, is it possible that nobody has mentioned the Beatles' version of Twist And Shout??

I'm a proud Australian, so how about:

The Zoot's Eleanor Rigby from 1970


Incredible!! That's Rick Springfield on the killer guitar, and Beeb Birtles from LRB is in there too. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS!!

See ya,


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