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Great Covers that may be better than originals

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I was deceived to hear Janis Joplin´s version... I thought she would have done something really amazing but no... the original is still the best.

Edna, I agree somewhat with your thoughts. Janis wasn't at her best with her version and as we all know I'm a true blue Janis fan. I'm not big on the BeeGees, but I do like that song, Janis just didn't seem to quite get it where it should be, and for her that was a surprise.

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I don't know the original one but 'Green River' sounds good!


You're just 19 years old* (and from the Belgium bayous), so I suppose you can be forgiven not being aware of a classic by Creedence Clearwater Revival. You do know that Bill Wyman is a former Rolling Stone, n'est-ce pas ?

[smaller]Actually, Wyman's version helped me decipher some of the lyrics.[/smaller]


*Hey Nineteen

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It's no secret around here or anywhere that I'm a huge Beatles' fan. They covered a lot of songs in the early days. Twist and Shout is definitely better, IMHO, by the Beatles. And Dreams by Molly Hatchet, I think is better than the Allman Brothers version.

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Now, I'm quite partial to Kraftwerk's original version of "The Model", ( I suppose, technically, the actual original was "Das Model"), but I'm also a fan of late 80s noiseniks BIG BLACK, and think their version is terrific. Surprised to find such an agreeable videoclip for it.

"The Model" - Big Black

now that's different...

but strangly appealing :thumbsup:

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