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Great Covers that may be better than originals

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Ray Charles's What'd I Say has been covered by about 20 different recording artists, but the best I ever heard was the 7+ minute version by the group Rare Earth on their album One World. Just an awesome remake! Don't have a link to it, but if you ever get a chance to listen to that album (they also include a live version of this song on their Best Of .. album, but it is not as good), do yourself a favor and give that track a listen.

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3 separate takes on Move It On Over:

Hank Williams the original Country Classic

Ray Charles Ray jazzes it up with horns

George Thorogood the great Rock Classic

I like all 3 versions but George(thoro-ly-good)Thorogood is, in my opinion,the best. He and his music are underated. But you have to like Hank,the original "crossover" artist and Ray Charles may be the King of Crossover. Great post Lucky :bow: :coolio: :bow:

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The Rock 'n' Roll Classic Shakin' All Over

The original by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

got kicked up a notch when

covered by The Guess Who


What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)

Original by The Tams

Reshaped by Del Shannon

But in the case of Walking The Dog

by Rufus Thomas,

I prefer his original

to the laid back remake by the young Rolling Stones

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And Patti Smith's reworking of Gloria and Hey Joe are brilliant. I actually like them better than the originals. Sacrilege!

Sacrilege? :shades: Oh, no, not at all... You´re more than right... :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Patti Smith´s "Gloria" is a masterpiece... I couldn´t love that song and that woman more... :cool:

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