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Great Covers that may be better than originals


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There was a time when I thought nothing is better than the original but when I heard this in concert back in '76 I first learned that there are times when a student outsmarts the professor.

In this case; the student/s were Lynyrd Skynyrd and the professor was JJ Cale.

Many examples of covers outdoing original versions but the above is the first one I noticed.

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I really can't agree that Blondie's version of TheTide Is High is in any way superior to the original, apart from having a prettier vocalist. But what do I know? :P

Anyway,I popped in to post a cover of Kraftwerk's "Das Model", which isn't better than the original, but still pretty fab: "Model" ~ Balanescu Quartet

In fact, I've just discovered that Balanescu Quartet have done an album of Kraftwerk covers: "Possessed"


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Dancing With Myself ; heard this as a fadeout for a Slate podcast .Not a 'great' , but certainly interesting, cover .

Gotta admit I'd rather hear this now than roll my eyes during yet another Idol version , though I did enjoy it when it was new. The spoken part could be reworked or edited out perhaps...

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I just noticed this cover was never posted (perhaps because many of you aren't familiar with the second band)

"Tin Soldier" by the Small Faces was covered by Winnipeg-based rockers Streetheart on their album Drugstore Dancer. The song did very well and started the debate (that continues to this day) as to which version is better. Personally, I think it's about equal because Streetheart didn't mess around with the song. But perhaps I'm biased so listen and let me know.

Tin Soldier - Small Faces

Tin Soldier - Streetheart

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