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Great Covers that may be better than originals


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I have to disagree with you edna, I never was a fan of Cockers, and I think he ruined all of the songs he's covered, especially Unchain My Heart.

I *love* his version of Unchain My Heart. I guess he's one of those artists that you either really like or really don't like.

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Ray Charles did a very good version of Ring of Fire - gave it the soul treatment. It's the same sentiment but expressed in two different ways.

Someone I know likened it to Johnny's version being the fire and Ray's version being the smoldering embers that lead to the fire.

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Well, if we're doing crappy covers....

Angels - Jessica Simpson

The Beat Goes On and Satisfaction - Britney Spears

Smooth Criminal - Alien Ant Farm

What I Like About You - Lillix

Comfortably Numb - Scissor Sisters

That last one made me want to put my foot up all their asses one by one.

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I didn't like it too much either, but if I remember correctly Waters and Gilmour did like it

Whether they liked it or not is irrelevant to me wanting to put my foot up the Scissor Sisters' asses for destroying that song. They obviously found it listenable, I found it a crime against humanity.

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