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Mitch Myers (Shel Silverstein)


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I grew up reading Shel Silverstein, and in this age where children's literature has become more inane than ever in a misguided effort to protect and educate our kids, I have a deep appreciation for Silverstein's work.

Sadly, Shel died in 1999. Fortunately, his nephew Mitch Myers is a talented author who has worked to keep Silverstein's legacy alive, and spoke with us about Silverstein's songs. I think Mitch gave some great insights on what made Silverstein tick and how he was able to create such timeless work.

Read the interview here

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I had the pleasure of transcribing this interview. Shel Silverstein wrote one of my favorite children's books, "A Giraffe And A Half." (with a bee on his knee, and a chair in his hair, and a rose on his nose...)

Carl brings out some great Shel facts and stories from Mitch in this... definitely well worth the read!

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This is WONDERFUL! Silverstein is one of my favorite children's authors (along with his songwrting). Because of him, my son's actually read a few books when they were children. I look forward to reading about this man, who gave us great poems such as Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout (she would not take the garbage out).

Thanks Carl! (and Shawna!).

And it was....wonderful. My next trip to the library I'm going to pick up myers book on Shel Silverstein.

Thanks guys!

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