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My Thread Disappeared

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Did I do something wrong? I didn't get a message or anything with a "moved" or "merged" or anything...

ETA: Nevermind, I found the "find all posts" and it was merged. lol Just most forums I'm on, I admin, and I enforce a "notice" policy so I get caught offguard when things disapear from where I expect them without notice... lol

Thanks, and just ignore me.

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The original topic notify will remain behind in the forum list, but when you click on it, it will lead you to the merged original/duplicate thread :)

For new topics, I always leave a notify so no one wonders where it has gone to! :)

It will not email you or PM you if this has happened, you just need to check back where you originally posted your thread and it will be there :thumbsup:

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