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We Must Be Stopped

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My son's band, We Must Be Stopped with three of their own creations on youtube.

Jim has always been an extremely creative guy who, like his father, loves music but is trapped inside a body that isn't configured to sound good while singing. The band dresses in weird outfits. Different ones for each performance. In this one he is the guy in the nightgown, sleeping cap and slippers. I love The Jesus Song. I also really, really love my son. He's a very big-hearted guy.

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wow, I really like them :) :thumbsup:

I listened to quite a few songs of them (there must be 8 or 9 on youtube) and they're all great - well, I didn't get everything from the lyrics, but they sound really good

and Ron, I don't think he sounds much worse than some 'singers' in the charts ;)

and check out their myspace site

"Reverend Joel Spencer" and "Some Guy named Jim Beam" :laughing: :laughing: :thumbsup:

tell them to befriend Songfacts ;)

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Glad you gave them a listen, Martin, and thanks for the MySpace link. There is a "song" on there titled "The Honest Truth" that gives me shivers when I listen to it .. which is difficult, because it was a real event.

I have told him about Songfacts before and know he would love it here (maybe even catch his old man's addiction) but he is still enough of a rebel to refuse to take my suggestions. lol

I will suggest it again, however.

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Yeah, Jenny. It is hard to make out many of the words in those videos since they were recorded so far from the stage with an ambient sound mic. But the song is from the perspective of a Catholic preist escorting an altarboy into his chambers. They like to write stuff that disturbs equilibrium.

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