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missing dog on sgt peppers

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" Reports of a cover-up at EMI records today sent the top men reeling, as Beatle fans world-wide inundated the London headquarters with questions about the missing dog from the historical Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album by The Beatles. Their response was a typical 'No comment!' "

There was this book Warp and Woof!:The Case of the Missing Sgt. Pepper Dog by Dawn L. Searcy (1990) published by Number 9 Books. I don't know if it is pertinent at all because I can find nothing more about it.

I'm just guessing the dog & gramophone might have been deleted because of infringement with an RCA trademark, but it is strange that any trace of a reference to that seems to have disappeared.

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I wanted to take another look at this mystery, but there seems to be even less information around now than there was a couple of months ago.

Do I have a false memory of the dog on the cover? Is this just the power of suggestion? Can anybody confirm that the dog was once there? Anybody have a copy with dog?

I don't know where I found the "EMI cover-up" quote. I think it came from the Number 9 Books site, but that link doesn't work anymore.

Maybe someone in Britain has better insight and more information about what gives.

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In the 60s I had a first copy of Sgt Peppers bought in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I don´t remember no dog (well, I was a child, but I remember) Then I bought another copy in France, in the 70s, no dog... third copy seen a couple of years later in New York, no dog... Fourth vinyl bought in Spain, toujours no dog... Besides, I never heard about that, but if you have some more info, it´s interesting. And it´s sure a record that sold a lot!!!!

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