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The Gorge in George


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I have not. I have wanted to, but there is two reasons, the main being since it became a hot venue and started attracting good bands, I've been married then one kid, then another and well my wife doesn't like the same music, two, until more recent years I did not have the money to go. So instead I listen to ravings of my friends who have told me about seeing some great shows and some fab times there while I just wallow in jealousy (no, I've always been happy with it) but they have told me some great stories. My concert days were when I was a kid. Now in my old age I am starting to buy concert DVD's now - I know there not nearly as good as the real thing (I still remember those days) even those night club bands were pretty good. Who knows now though, planning on picking up a used camper this spring... we'll see what shows they line up.

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