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Blitzen Trapper (I know there are many songfactors who will like this band)

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Blitzen Trapper is an band from Portland, Oregon who play indie rock with a very rootsy feel to it. You can tell by listening to their latest album, "Wild Mountain Nation," that they spend a lot of time being hippies out in the wilderness. They've got sort of a retro sound that may remind some listeners of the country-fried rock of the 70's. Reccomended to fans of CCR, Mountain and the like. Also reccomended to fans of Pavement, who may have inspired Blitzen Trapper's messy lo-fi sound. Also reccomended to fans of Beck, who may have inspired their fun eclecticism.

Great music to listen to in the summertime, I might add!

My song reccomendations would be "Wild Mountain Nation," and "Devil's a Go-Go"

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