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If there's any musical lyrics I have been obsessed with over the years it would have to be The Beatles, specifically Paul McCartney. He usually writes about uplifting subjects like love and hope and all that jazz. (Though I would never compare myself with the likes of such a musical genius) Plus all those seventies songs that I know all the lyrics to must have had some kind of subconscious influence, and lately I have enjoyed:



Collective Soul

Soul Asylum

Pearl Jam

Confederate Railroad

Three Doors Down

4 Him

Used to read Rudyard Kipling a lot when I was younger ("The Jungle Book, Riki Tiki Tavi, etc.)

One more... an English teacher I had in 10th grade who said it would be a waste if I never went to school and furthered my writing career (which I didn't) Oh well... :doh:

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