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Who's up for a List 40 Challenge?

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After a lengthy perusal of the list, I see that we have no Bob Seger! How can that be, says me? :stars:

To correct that, here is what is surely a renomination, and one of the best 'Live' albums ever released!




1. Nutbush City Limits

2. Travelin' Man

3. Beautiful Loser

4. Jody Girl

5. I've Been Working

6. Turn the Page

7. U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)

8. Bo Diddley

9. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man

10. Heavy Music

11. Katmandu

12. Lookin' Back

13. Get Out of Denver

14. Let It Rock

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:laughing: :laughing:

Ray, you crack me up. How will you ever vote? You've given that same response (or a similar variation) 5 separate times in this thread!! :grin:

We're going to put the polls up soon kids. Just so you all know, I've asked Martin to also give me hand. First of all this techno-challenged girl doesn't have a clue about polls. Second, when it comes down to that 'moderator discretion' thing (in case of a tie, etc) .... he's going to help me make sure a great album is chosen. The whole young/old thing. Sound fair? ;)

The poll will be up soon....

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She's right! ;)

Results of the MOC List 40 Challenge:

Cream of Clapton ~ Eric Clapton

Are You Experienced ~ Jimi Hendrix

Music From The Motion Picture: Pulp Fiction ~ Various Artists

Parallel Lines ~ Blondie

A Northern Soul ~ The Verve

With the help of my lovely assistant Martin, we decided we had to go with the 2 top dogs. We thought the rest just sort of rounded out nicely. ;)

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Just so you all get an idea of how the decision process went on this List. The votes are really just a guide. From the overwhelming response to Clapton and Hendrix, we decided we'd go with "The Guitarists". The other 3 albums were chosen not by votes, but for diversity. Pulp Fiction, because it is a soundtrack, and a great one, by most opinions, The Verve for the lovers of newer artists, and Blondie, to provide representation for the 80's...well, just because.

Anyway, we felt the end result was a nice well rounded list. I'll have the new List 41 open soon! :)

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