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Most Influential Artists of the Decades


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the 1970's:

1. The Rolling Stones.

I wanted them in the 60's but I think they more importantly belong here. Beginning with the influence they had in the late 60's, they continued into the 70's and had the biggest influence here, I believe. They were (are) the epitome of the "big" rock band, and many copied them into the 70's, evidenced by just this one for example: Aerosmith.

2. The Eagles.

Pure and lovely country rock, they were the kings. They headed up a group of artists (songwriters and musicians) such as JD Souther, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, and the very talented Diana Krall, just to name a few.

3. KISS.

I gotta go with the Dude on this. They introduced Metal, and we all know where that went, for good or bad. The influence they had was huge.

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Dude!! Hello and welcome!

I was just wondering... think AC/DC had anything to do with the '80's thing? You know, simple tunes and just being louder than everyone else? I agree Kiss had alot to do with it, but I think they had help from other bands (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Argent and the list goes on...)

Just my opinion... :smile:

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1. Led Zeppelin (grudgingly) ;)

2. The Bee Gees (DISCO)*

3. The Sex Pistols (PUNK)*

Honorable Mention: Pink Floyd. No other Artist/Group has ever had an Album chart for an incredible 741 weeks ! Dark Side Of The Moon entered the Charts on St.Patrick's Day, March 17, 1973. Were any of them Irish ?

* The new Music genres of the 70s ! I wouldn't really class Glam Rock as a genre, although Dude puts forward a great case for it. Loved your Post, Dude ! Kiss are way up there, for sure.


#1 and #2 for the 1980s are just too easy. (Aren't I a smarty ?).

These two absolutely stand out as the Most Influential of the Decade.

1. Michael Jackson

2. Madonna

3. Prince, just pipping Bruce Springsteen; Honorable Mention U2.


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