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Biffy Clyro






And I think you will too :)

Listen to some of their stuff on their Myspace. Especially Folding Stars :headphones:

They also have an official site here. They have been receiving very good press since they released their last album, Puzzle, but have been around for a while. And they're Scottish!

An excerpt from their wiki:

Biffy Clyro (often known colloquially as Biffy)[1] are a Scottish rock group from Ayrshire whose members are Simon Neil, James Johnston and Ben Johnston.

Although the band have always had a dedicated following and have been around since the mid-1990s as well as producing an EP and four albums, it is only in 2007 with their fourth album, Puzzle that they have found real commercial success. This album is seen as less heavy and experimental, and more widely accessible and has won wide critical acclaim. Puzzle has been championed on TV and radio, and Biffy have promoted it with a tour and many festival performances over the summer of 2007 (including a snippet of a live performance being used as the opening titles for the BBC coverage of T in the Park).

Biffy's sound is a heavy but melodic mixture of guitar, bass and drums, with all three band members contributing to vocals. They are known for complex and interwoven guitar picks, strums and melodies, that change many times within each track.

"'Mon the Biffy!" is a well known chant among Biffy fans;[2] usually shouted in between songs at gigs, or before the band come on stage.

So give Biffy a listen, enjoy!

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