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Alice Cooper in Brisbane

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I saw Alice Cooper live at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Sunday night!

It was fantastic! I'm glad it was, because I travelled all the way from Goulburn, NSW. Yes I am a dedicated Alice fan - I had to be up at 4am to catch my flight to Brisbane on time, stayed with my friend on Saturday night [who lives an hour's drive from Brisbane] then we drove back down to Brisbane on Sunday night for the concert and I flew back home last night!

Anyway, we were six rows from the front which is the closest I have ever sat at a concert...we were so close that the person next to me caught Alice's cane that he threw into the crowd!

A band from Melbourne called 'Six Hours' opened and they were pretty good, but the Convention Centre was pretty empty until Alice showed up at about 9pm or so.

The show was great...the band was especially great. Alice played all his good songs and did the stunts you expect to see at his concerts; the straitjacket (The Ballad Of Dwight Fry), hammering a bloodied baby doll to death (Dead Babies) and having some fun with a 'corpse' (Cold Ethyl). His daughter, Calico also was in the show a fair bit. The highlight of the night came when Alice was marched onto the gallows and hanged.

The music was excellent - Alice and his band just ripped through the 90 minutes or so they were on stage. The crowd was an interesting mix...most of the people there were my parents age or my age and younger. There was no middle group. So Alice is very popular with younger people and it is easy to see why.

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Katie, I'm jealous! I'd love to see Alice again now, after having seen him just the once back in '71. Sort of round out my concert going experience, you know? He was my first. :blush: Maybe he could be my last! ;)

I've always been a huge Alice fan too. You had seen him before I think? I can still picture him on stage, with the straightjacket, the baby, and the gallows! Great show, glad you had fun! :)

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