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Songfacts feature request....

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I did mail this request in but did not get a reply so i thought i would try here... is there any chance you could alter the search so if it returned one result it would just display that result rather than having to click on the 1 result?

I have am the programmer behind Freebo Jukebox and want to add some intergration with songfacts/artists facts which is why i am asking. Feel free to mail me to discuss this further or i will happily chat ont his thred.

Thanks for reading.

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He meant that when you're searching for a song on SF, and there's only one result, you still get a 'list' of all search results from where you have to click on that one link...

he would like to have it that SF directs, well..., directly to the facts if there's only one search result :)

and Barry, you'd have to wait for our Fearless Leader (aka Admin) Carl for an answer for that one ;)

oh, and btw: Welcome to Songfacts :thumbsup:

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Excellent. At the moment i have made a small app the basically stores Artist Name, Song Title and then 5 facts in a small database (Random Access File).

My thoughts were we could convert your database into this format. Then it is up to you how to handle this file. I could direct people over to your site and you could offer it from here which would generate you more traffic. You also get extra publicity on the popups in the jukebox. So anyone using the juke could also become potential visitors.

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